Confirmed: MSCE results out!

Malawi exams
Malawi exams
MSCE out!

The Malawi National Examinations Board in conjunction with the Ministry of Education Science and Technology have released the 2016 Malawi School Certificate of Education Examination (MSCE) examination results.

Out of 139, 606 students who sat for the exams 81, 414 candidates have passed representing 58, 32 %.

According to a press statement released indicates that 64, 330 female candidates who sat for the exams 32, 892 have passed representing 51, 13 % pass rate.

“Out of 72, 276 males who sat for the exams 48, 523 have passed the exams representing the 64, 46 % pass rate,” Reads the statement.





  1. Am so grad to hearout the results of 2016 academic year,,,,but the threat is ,,we are celebrate now bt tomorrow will be again sweating profusely for high and better colidors !!!!!

  2. that’s gr8t all boys kip it up always be high than female

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