Another award for Mutharika: Gets honoured for efforts to improve lives of Malawians

255 Patricia Kaliati gets a Honorary Doctorate degree

The United States based International Royal Academy for the United Nations has awarded President Peter Mutharika with an Honorary Doctorate Degree of Philosophy for his dedication, commitment and distinct service to the Malawi nation through his leadership.

Mutharika has also been given a Leadership Award from the RK Kapur Foundation of India.

Peter Mutharika

Mutharika bags another award.

Presenting the two awards in Lilongwe, Deputy Executive Director of the African University of Guidance, Counseling and Youth Development Centre Dr Jacqueline Chazema said the president has been recognized because of his zeal and commitment to fighting poverty and for the good leadership that he has demonstrated.

“We have recognised the achievements of President Mutharika on his efforts to improve lives of Malawians,” said Chazema.

Apart from Mutharika, the institution has also awarded Minister of Civic Education, Culture and Community Development Patricia Kaliati an Honorary Doctorate degree of Philosophy for her outstanding devotion to public service.

Speaking to the press after being given the Honorary Degree, Kaliati thanked the institution for recognising her.

“I thank God for this award, this award is not mine but all people who made me to reach this far like President Mutharika, family and people of Mulanje among others who chose me to represent them,” said Kaliati.

A week ago, the African leadership award in New York from the African Leadership Magazine Group, recognised the Malawi leader as ‘one of Africa’s most distinguished thought leaders and champions of the masses’.



  1. Ulemu wanu bwana,ambiriwa mitu yawo sindiziwa kuti muli ubongo kaya?Kuthana ndi bvuto kumalira maziko ndithu.Mavuto aMalawi sangathe masanasana.Ndipo zimenezi nzomwe wakulu kunjako akuona.Munalola kulamulira ziko lot I may I aja analisakazilatu ndipo zimenezi zitini zikusokoserazi zikuziwa.Mungowapirira ndi ana any bwana

  2. We are a failed nation polluted of awards and honorary degrees.
    We have top leaders who have priotised to be semi-gods while the nameless citizens suffer.
    Its goes with the childish mindsets of politicians who prefer honours over their stupidity.

  3. Such is only given to African Leaders, when did u hear an honourary doctorate has been given to a leader of a well developed country. There is no need to find pride in such coz they are fake. Sharp people know to say thats one of the ways to impress african leaders

  4. Munakana Kamuzu mululiranji lero,By Kamenya kwaya,bvuto la. Malawi kududukira za chilendo kaya ine wanga waphya wa ku Tanzania Malawi wandikanika

  5. malawians are struggling what has the president done to immeriorate current situations that the country is facing? he is worsening things now what he does is steal money instead of supporting poor people things are worse where is an improvement of living standard of malawians? nonsence he does not deserve it

  6. Why do u say atumbuka ndinu mbuzi who are u just to remind u if u see any step of change in malawi starts from north we are heros of change in malawi mumatenge zakuthakutha shame on u

  7. I am here in Botswana wondering about those fake achievements awarded to the African leaders by the white people… become a yes sir boy to the Americans you are sure of an award while people are perishes of hunger… Botswana is an example too

  8. what an insult, you people whose life has been improved? If you got piles of awards why not give to you little dogs because they listeing to you when you desplined them.Ok anyway, continue to provid him with awards but try to give him secretly don’t tell us nosense. We are not jelousy but don’t be cheated My Malawian people are suffering.

  9. I can’t stop laughing. Changing lives of Malawians my foot! Kaya poti ena anachita khungu chifukwa akwera nayo yochita embezzle public funds so much that all seems well. They are not sweating for what they eat. But truly one day God will slap you greedy pigs in the face…


  11. U came yesterday with ur article telling us that the president z critically ill,today u r telling us this have they awarded him in the hospital?failed journalists.

  12. Buh if ths wil work,,I min if the lives of Mwianz wil really improve: it’ll end up in most ppo being ashamed buh if nt nde tzafa nd phwete kut so wat’s the benefit of those efforts

  13. When did he awarded?? tive ziti,,, Yesterday Mutharika iz sick ,today award eeeeeeish akut #malawi24 …. Akuiwala kumpatsa ma award a 24 hrs #black_out bwaaa….!!!

  14. Kkkkkkkkkk which malawias kkkkkk hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh wakuZimbabwetu malawi wake,,,,, not our malawi,,, chitsilu chamunthu chimenech,,, zopanda ntchto

  15. Anyambwa Mukufuna Amayi Cholinga Muziba Kawiri Amayi Azipita Ku Midima Pando Akaupeza Komweko Peter More Fire Anakulephera Kale Tizikupephelerani A Peter

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  17. These international awarding institutions are doing all this just to anger Malawians so that they should kill Mutharika. Who does not know this. They want to incite us to rage and mutiny. We shall see.

  18. kulandils photo sikusonyeza kuti akuchitabwino ngakhale nkalasi ukalephela amatha kukupatsa ulidala kapena anthu akamakuonakuti ndiwe wankulu amakukokelela marks kuti usachite manyazi. inu mmene dzikoli likupita simukuona? amayi anatenga boma zithu zilibwanji? koma patatha miyezi itatu tidaona kusitha pamene akuluwa ndiye mavuto okhaokha magetsi, madzi, ma alubino kuphedwa afodya kulowa pansi tingoti palibe chomwe chikuyenda pamalawi mmalo mupita kutsogolo tikubwelelambuyo ndiye mukamakodwela ndima award akkulandilawo ndichimodzimodzi kuombela mfiti mmanja

  19. In the Book Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare, at one point Mark Anthony addresses Brutus as honourable man repeatedly; in essence, diluting the meaning of the word ‘honourable’ in the process. Lesson: Watch out for some kind of honours…..they might mean the opposite at times.

  20. Honorary degrees are not only awarded to those that have exceptionary performed well but also to those that have poorly performed like our APM. America is supporting Assad and soon you will hear that Assad has been awarded an honorary degree for killing and displacing his people. Americans are funny creatures. Why can’t they honour Obama or Trump for proposing to build a security wall to protect Americans?

  21. Shame tobacco farmer this year haven’t words due to power price and much rejection of tobbaco at aution in malawi 80 per cent are farmers. in this situation what kind of leadership in agriculture very poor man more peaple are suffered here in malami. what kind of leader be hounored for what

  22. #yesterday Mutharika’s situation said to be worsening, govt remains tightlipped Malawi President Peter Mutharika is reportedly seriously sick and that is why he has delayed coming back to Malawi, it has been claimed. FULL STORY: 2016/10/06/mutharikas-situation-said- worsening-govt-remains-tightlipped/ Mutharika’s situation said to be worsening, govt remains tightlipped | Malawi24 – All the latest Malawi news #today agalu inu mwasowa zolemba Another award for Mutharika: Gets honoured for efforts to improve lives of Malawians Patricia Kaliati gets a Honorary Doctorate degree The United States based International Royal Academy for the United Nations has awarded President Peter Mutharika with an Honorary Doctorate Degree of Philosophy for his dedication, commitment and distinct service to the Malawi nation through his leadership. READ MORE: 2016/10/07/another-award-mutharika- gets-honoured-efforts-improve-lives-m alawians/

  23. It looks like the one who announced these awards is among doctors of fools! what achievements have these people made in Malawi or are you insulting Malawians, Doctor? I thught PhDs are given to people who can reason with facts and not hand-clappers KKKKKKKKKKK

  24. Misala basi kkkkkkkkk koma athu akupereka zimenezo sakuziwa mavuto Ali kuno hahahaha zachibwana zithu zake kkkkk the most hated president getting more degrees? Where is the logic?

  25. haha,kaya zanu ma guy..mesa munkat professor nde driver wabwino wa dziko,osalira n zimandinyasa mukamadandaula cz mst pipo mukudandaula apanu on those dyz in 2014 munakavota mwamzeru n mai joyce banda atakuuzani kt dpp si boma loti lingakuchotseni mmavuto munkawaseka kt akupenga misala mai joyce banda…olo mulire magazi,APM ndi mpaka 2024 n ena muthawa mtown muno if u wont do anythng…open up yo eyez Malawianz n vote nt bcz munthu akuchokera kwanu bt bcz u see passion fo change in those pipo..komanso ma guy dziko likutha ili,no change will eva cme frm any politician dey r all corrupt n da same..jst pray,wrk hard n b vigilant n wait on God..Americanz dnt care dats y dey r insulting us by givin honorary awards to dis fuckn old politicianz..Osadanda ma guy,our award z wt God,zamdziko sizathu izi..

  26. Zili ngati Ku sukulu,mwana akakhala kuti ndiochokera banja lovutika amamulimbikisa ndi zinthu zambiri ndicholinga choti asagonjere.I hope zamveka.

  27. Who’s lives had he improved. Coz this is the worst performing President. And plz this Americans must stop playing with our lives. Have facts first.. And what Kaliati has done for the nation apart from talking crap, and swearing people.

  28. To all de enermies do u see!! , keep on talking shit , go deeper peter u r a disciple my president, U r a send from heaven let dem talk they can’t get u down

  29. Thumbs up Mr President well done! Sumungakwaniritse zimene aliyense akufuna mmoyo wake. Anthu odana nanu ndiambiri and they feed on your reactions. Starve them by not reacting in any way. Pangani zomwe mungakwanitse kuti tione kusintha mdziko lathu. Continue doing the best untill your time of leaving the earth. Munthu ndiovuta.

    • Apa am agreeing with you mr and this is 100% true we don’t see where we are coming from and where we are going, zokokana will just lead us to destruction

  30. The president wants change but alot of Malawians don’t.Amalawi sazathekanso olo Obama atakhala president wa dziko la Malawi,Malawi sangasinthike umbuli ndi nsanje komanso dyera kuchuluka.

  31. angaime pachulu nkumati malawi akuyenda bwino ndindani, i think award zimenezo amachita kugula ndi ndalama, apo ayi opeleka ma awardiyo ndi mbuz ya munthu

    • Odala oyitanira ma min bus wo. Ndikumvera chisoni:
      .ma welder, business yawo yaima poti magetsi akumayaka 4 hrs usiku
      .ma hair dressers ( a saloon)
      .ogulitsa ma drink, freezes, chilled water
      .a zigayo
      .a ma video show

  32. the guy deserves it…… I like APM . he wants to change things…. no sweet without sweat. …. Malawi shuld pass through hard Times so that the future generation should enjoy as well. . let’s stop being mean…. atumbuka ndinu mbuzi za anthu pena pake…. when Bingu was trying to make things prosper for our nation mumabwezeletsa zinthu mbuyo…….. kumpoto konse sikuzapezeka munthu ngti Bingu…… big up APM u r the man…. chakwerah can’t do anything visible to this nation . inu achewa mutha kumaotcha misika yanuyo… we won’t suffer. . uchitsulu umakuchulukilani… those who r lazy will always hate APM….

    • Atumbuka amabwezeletsa bwanji zinthu mmbuyo. Ngati atumbuka ndi mbuzi, iwe ndi galu wachiwewe omangouwa zilizonse. Peter mutharika ndi parasite, he is feeding himself whilest causing harm to the malawi nation. Galu winanso ndi pitala mubale wakoyu.

    • zitsilu inu eti, panopa butchery yanga nyama ikuwola inu muzikamba zopusazo, ngati bambo ako kapena iweyo uli m’boma then shut up ur dirty mouth, coz u do not knw hw pipo r sufferring okay, everything z warse now, no water, electricty, food, and many more, tanenan chimene wasinthaa kapena wapanga chiloweren m’ boma, poti basi mukudya zam’boma mumafuna aliyese akhale chitsilu? uthokoze poti ndimapemphera udakandilakhulitsa kuipa, uziganiza usalembe apa wava

    • so who doesn’t know that business is at recession in the world? don’t blame Peter but ur lazy brain. think of new ways to survive.. you are here pointing fingers at him instead of blaming yourselves for being shallow mimded.. the guy is pushing Malawi to another level….work hard people. .. if u know that ur animal slaughtering business is not working try to diversify… mwatani a Malawi. .yambani business ina basi

    • Malawi should pass through hard times- ouch! Your tribalism- double ouch! I think we need solutions to current problems and if we solve current problems we will be able to educate or give good health care and other opportunities to the future generation and all regions of Malawi will benefit.

    • Stupid comments ! why u talk about Tumbuka & Chewa do u think southern pipo all of them lyk APM? Wake up my brader and face justice that APM has failled to lead Malawi

    • Mu Lhomwe,chewa,yao,mtumbuka Kusalana Mitundu Iziz Nd #Zausilu Tonse Nd Amalawi Imeneyo Si Deal Raymond Pena Pake Adha Wandwonjeza!

    • Mr chimbala you,re ahero where did get that brilliant idea? Malawi nid ppl lik u not mbuzi zinazi always pointng finger at presdnt rubish.keep it up bro.

    • A chimbala, tonsefe tinalengedwa ndi Mlungu,mkati wina ndi Mbuzi you are just saying stupid Jesus! that should bear in ur mind Chimbala iwe,gd day!!!!!

    • All lazy jealous stupid ppo hates Mutharika,mukufuna azikudyeserani mabanja anu? He is enjoying his fruits with his family,zikumuwawa apange zake ndi akazake or bambo ake. Peter is not ur father

    • Hey, you Raymond Chimbala you r a fool and i really hate your tribalistic post the same as i hate u as aperson. whats wrong with tumbukas here??? is there any correlation of what u are saying with tumbuka as a tribe? why dyu act as if u have never bn to school coz you could have known that your post is jst a shit load of fallacies. Tumbukas are highly civilised pple nowonder you never see a tumbuka posting stinking tribalistic post like the way u have done.. but my caution is, dont think we r happy with you pple, and our silence to your mischievous, mockery, and malicious posts shud NOT be mistaken for stupidity. Next time we will loose our patience and will hit back..becareful aixe with your stinking comments!!! and if i had a gun i could hv pulled atrigger at you for this your childish comment. shit!!

    • Mtundu ndi mtundu uzaukirana! Suzinaso ndi zimenezi! Koma nonse mnazera njira imodzi pobwera kumalawi, RNA zaile enanso chamu Tz umo angoni aliphee!

    • Stupid,tribalistic comment,with optimism l knw why you naturally hate the tumbukas,May God continue to fight for this exceptional tribe always and bless

    • Owe pathako pauso wapulika walikukunangila vichi mtumbuka nkona bwampini wakoyo akulephela kulamulila ziko.chitsiru chamunthu iwe siufumutu uwu uona okomokaso bwampini wakoyo. Olo mutalimbana nafe chotani simuzagwesa mtumbuka inu Kwanu nkubelekana basi nkona musowa polima pachibwisi pako wamva

    • Iwe #Chimbala ,, thnk b4 u talk ur rubish!! How many Malawians r suffering cox of tht idiot so calld ‘Peter?? R thy only Chewa n Tumbuka?? Msunu wako……

    • Apa Raymond sanalankhule bwino, makamaka kunkhani ya mitunduyi. What you have to kno is that its not all Tumbukaz tht ar against APM. Some are on his side. And its not all southerners are part with th President. Some hate him. Such speeches are the ones tht seperates us. Zimapangitsa kusiya kukonda chithu chomwe umakonda. See! May b there were some Tumbukaz amamkonda APM, koma becoz of hw u hav spoken, they might hav loose interest in the President. Please lets change our mindset on tribalism for the betterment of MW. #Continue_to_REST_IN_PEACE_THE_REGEND_BINGU

    • Ignorant people that is what they can say brothers, this useless man doesn’t have anything to say, leave him for he knows nothing apart from speaking useless things in his language, I don’t blame him, but his ignorance

  33. Anthu andalewa alibe chisoni ndithu, Malawi m,mene akuvutikiramu wangofika pa bwinja wina mkumalandira ma a ward khaya ma digree, simunganve chisoni nokha mu mtima anthu akuvutika ndi njala madzi ovutikira m,mizinda ndi m,matownmu anthu akapeza kachigoba kachimanga kakuthanso mkukazinga akagaitsa kuti magetsi anazima kalekale, anthu andale inu mukaphya moto ndithu

  34. Why kaliati okay may be just bcz she knows how to insult people ? Please don’t make someone to run mouth. Lat me make some noise other people they deserve to be killed by lion I mean you

  35. Atero Yehova ” Ndizanzutsa mtumiki wanga Pakati panu; Azaoneka ngati :wamisala, opererà ,oziwa zochepa chifukwa cha mphavu yanga ndi osauka” Koma! Ndimzagwilitsa ntchito inye za ufumu ukubwerawo! Kuti Alalikire Kwa an2 onse – omuwopa mulungu ndi Osamuopa omwe kuti asitheno

  36. Really???, hope they just interest him not to be humiliated. Instead of sharing us what good governor principals are, you are busy pretending to be as we are in a good governing,, stupid !!!!!

  37. inu a malawi24,suja mmati peter ali seriously ill? ndie pano mkumati walandira award,simungachite manyazi? mumasangalala munthu akadwalika? inetu ndimakonda aljazeera,yachilungamo,osati inu ayi!!

  38. Ine chi page ichichi ndichipanga unlike vinkhani vake vina vimandibowa award yachigolingoyi yachokeranso kuti? And wapulumutsa miyoyo yaanthu ake ati?

  39. #zausilu basi
    malipiro ochepa…chimanga kulibe…mankhwala kulibe…madzi anasiya some two weeks ago…magesi nde athano 48 hrs asakuyaka…katangale nde sitikamba poti mulinaye pafupi…ulova nde mukudziwa kale…busness imene sikutheka coz of dzifukwa dzili mwambazi….
    Nde nonse amene mukuona kut zinthu zikuyenda #pansana_panu…

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