Shop owner stabbed to death in Mzuzu

Martin Mzunda

A thug has stabbed to death a 28 year-old shop owner at Luwinga in Mzuzu city, Police say.

According to information made available to this publication by Constable Francis Fountain of Blantyre police, the deceased has been identified as Martin Mzunda.

Martin Mzunda
Martin Mzunda slain.

Constable Fountain said the incident occurred at St. Augustine in Luwinga Township on Tuesday October 4 at around 10pm.

He said the deceased Mzunda was selling in his shop when suddenly the assailant came and stabbed him on his chest with a knife.

The victim was later taken to the hospital where upon arrival, he was pronounced dead and the matter was reported to the police.

Community members managed to arrest the suspect who has been identified as Isaac Chiumia, 26, of Chituka village in the area of Traditional Authority Malengamzoma in Nkhatabay district.

Chiumia who is in police custody at Mzuzu will soon appear before court to answer the charge of murder.



  1. its when someone is busy now informing the nation that in mw there is good security bt the truth of matter is zero out of ten.MHSRIP

  2. Koma buzy kupanga deploy anyamata amphavu kumalanda nthochi ndi chinangwa za azimayi ntown : mmalo molimbana ndizigawenga shame to my country R I P kulephera kukhwimisa chitetezo

  3. Don’t forget we foreign nationals who are teaching the nation the bad hat and everything the country has turned into a garbage place, we are forced to do what we were not used to do becouse of economic problems

  4. mbava kwake ndi kupha ndi kuononga.munthu amubela ndrama,katundu +moyo kulakwa kwakukulu munthu kumusiitsa ana,banja chifukwa cha anthu odana ndi chitukuko.KODI MBAVA MAGANIZO AKE AMAKHALA NGATI CHANI?

  5. If I was the judge about this ,iwill say “death penalty “why killing innocent person like ur killing a chicken? Please don’t give him food, no water no blanket in the cell no bail out to this mad man

    1. Yes, he has been arrested. It’s a 26yr old boy. Once he has got cash, he will be released thru bail if not he will rot in jail. Malawi Judiciary. Money is your freedom backup once arrested. Zowawa kwambiri

  6. As a nation of people who knows what love is,where are we heading to?what is wrong with our nation?where is the love,peace&harmony our lord Jesus left us with?may God intervene MAY HES SOUL REST IN ETERNAL PEACE

  7. GOD help our nation….
    Looks like things ar getting out of hand in terms of humanity….. this is in human act.
    Stop it & stop it now!!!!!

  8. mmmmmm its so sad & hard to beliv dat these things r happening in our own home land.too much now in Malawi.why cant we find de strong means of dealing wth such people? I doubt if Malawi will stl be knwn as warm heart of Africa.RIP.

  9. But next time warn us of Graphic images,,, nevertheless we appreciate for informing us… RIP to the deceased and condolences to the family and friends.

    1. But despite that they could have concealed the image so that we see it after opening the link not as it is, anyway thanks for your point, I even overlooked the warning.

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