Nsanje road accident claims five, injures 16


Five people have died while 16 others have sustained serious injuries after a minibus they were traveling in overturned in Nsanje district.

Police in the district said the accident happened on Wednesday morning at Kalenso near Bangula Township.


Terrible accident in Nsanje.

According to Nsanje Police spokesperson Agness Zalakoma, the crash occurred at around 11am and involved a minibus with the registration number DG 2276 which was heading to Blantyre from Nsanje Boma and had several people on board.

“Upon arrival at Kalenso in a great speed, the driver who is yet to be identified failed to negotiate a corner, he then lost control of the minibus and the vehicle overturned three times,” said Zalakoma.

Five people died on the spot while 16 others suffered injuries. Police however only identified two of the five dead people: Thom Pinaliya, 52, of Msampha village, T/A Chimombo in Nsanje and Solomon Kainga, 38, years who came from Mwanavumbe village in the area of Chief Mlolo in the same district.

The bodies of the five victims are being kept at Nsanje Hospital mortuary waiting for relatives to identify them while victims who have sustained serious injuries were rushed to Queens Elizabeth Central Hospital in Blantyre.



  1. Chimanga muna landila chaulele chija msembe yake ndimeneyi akumango gula msewu anthu oipawa muutse muntendele azi bale anga ndikufunila ku chila kwabwino inuso amene muli muzipatala pa mene muli mudziko lachilendoli in the name of god chikho choipachi chikupitilileni amen

  2. its 2much evry we hear ablt the sem thng. who shud we blem our drvaz or rods.lets do smthin 2 reduce this if zea is nid 4 prayaz let dem in becoz wat iz happening iz not normal. jst imagine can all de drivaz in be careless?

    • I was there munali 16 passagers 4 died on the spot 1 at the clinic and the other one at Queen hospital in Blantyre total of 6 as of yesterday .

  3. My Condolenses To The Affected Families And May The Souls Of Those Who Lost Their Lives Rest In Peace. Quick Recovery To The Injured.

  4. My condolence to the families who lost their loved ones (R.I .P)am also wishing a speady recovery to the injured people may the good Lord lay his healing hands on them

  5. Should we say its the sign of the-end-of-time or our drivers are reckless? Sometimes it might also be the poor conditions of our roads that contributes to these accidents.

  6. Stupid Drivers overspending 2make more money bt they kill more people,and the Traffic too r causer’s ov d road accidents they r just after money on d road.

  7. Nde #Malawitu amene akayamba ngozi ngozi ngozi,albino albino albino ,pter muthalika muthalika muthalika escom escom escom cashgate cashgate cashgate #osavapo nkhani zokondweretsa mpaka #tsiku_lobwera_yesu.lol

  8. Bcoz of such careless l hv lost a friend my xoolmate my classmate solomoni kainga student at kcn, tikutsegulila 18/10/2016 kukayamba forth year.and from no where he is gone. I cant take it he died on the spot

  9. These driver they are not driver enough then they want to make overturned while the bus is in over speed fuck, u see now we just loose all nationality of malawi innocent pple dies plz malawi try to control ur cars.

  10. I think driving course,tiipange extend ikhale 1yr,30days yachepa chifukwa ma driver athu akuthamangitsa kwambiri magalimoto.RIP.

    • The problem is not training period but attitude of some drivers which unfortunately is untrainable. You are in a mini bus and you advise a driver that he is overspeeding nde iye akuyankha ‘ngati mwanyasidwa sikani.’ The way to go is authorities should start withdrawing licences from those drivers reported to have bad attitude. We could save lives.

    • Penanso vuto ndi misewu.

      Misewu ikungokumbikabe chaka ndi chaka siikupangidwa maintenance koma oyendetsa galimoto akufuna liwilo lomwe adazozowela .

      Pali mavuto awiri akukolezela ngozi.
      Misewu ndi ma drivers

    • Apopo ngati driver wayankha mwano mchapeni makofi ndikumumanga zingwe kukamutula kupolisi.No one is incharge of your life except almighty father Jehova God.

    • A Window;pankhani yamisewu nchilungamodi koma mainly ifenso eni nthaka aMalawi timakonda kuba zikwangwani zammisewu kukapangira makasu.

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