Coca-cola Kuphaka Life heads to Mzuzu


Following the success of its first show at the Blantyre Sports Club in the commercial city on 24th September, the Coca-Cola Kuphaka Life 2016 edition goes to the north and will be in Mzuzu this weekend.

Currently, the activations team is in the northern city registering teams that will participate in the second show slated for Mzuzu University (Mzuni) on Saturday, 8th October.

“Registrations are currently underway. The main programme this Saturday is almost the same as Blantyre; sports [soccer and flaye games] in the morning, activations over lunch and music performances in the afternoon. However, we will confirm whether there will be a fashion or dance contest,” says project coordinator Talumba Chirwa.

From the list of artists that performed at the maiden Blantyre show; Tay Grin, Home Grown African, Suffix and Bucci, the event producers have maintained the Chipapapa and This Is Africa stars for the Mzuzu show and they will be joined by two new faces, these are dancehall artists Malinga Mafia and Mafo.


On the selection of the new artists, Chirwa explains: “We had the fans pick the fourth artist during the first show but this time around it’s not a fan pick as there wasn’t enough room to carry out a fan pick for fourth artist for Mzuzu.”

“We felt Mzuzu being far away most brands don’t bring all that they can because of expenses. We put together a good line up so they can have a great time, and are bringing a big artist like Tay Grin to them. We hope they participate and take advantage of this opportunity to have a good time with friends so that we, as well as other brands, can also be encouraged to bring them more activities that side,” he adds.

Kuphaka Life is a fun-filled public event that started in 2015, bankrolled by Coca-Cola to interact with its consumers. Last year’s edition stormed colleges but the 2016 series targets the major cities of Blantyre, Mzuzu and Lilongwe.

“All throughout the 2016 Kuphaka Life Coca-cola is going to have raffle draws involving the audience. Entry tickets will automatically go into the raffles and three people in each region stand a chance to win a one-year round supply of Coca-Cola just like the winning teams,” revealed Titha Mbilizi, Coca-Cola Senior Brands Manager (Non-Alcoholic Beverages).

After Mzuzu, the event goes to the capital city Lilongwe on 29 October to be held at the Silver Stadium.



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