Malawians to protest against blackouts


Civil Society leaders in the country have announced that they will hold anti-blackouts demonstrations this month in Lilongwe.

According to one of the organizers of the demonstrations, Billy Mayaya, the protests will be conducted only in the capital city of Lilongwe because of security.

Mayaya said the demonstrations are aimed at forcing Escom officials to find an everlasting solution to the prolonged blackouts that have hit hard the country.

Billy Mayaya

Mayaya: Has given an update on the planned demos.

“We are still in the first phase and we will soon communicate once we have agreed with the police on routes which we are to take.

“These demonstrations will take place this coming October 17 only in Lilongwe because the police were reluctant to give us nationwide security,” said Mayaya.

He added that the reasons which Escom is giving for the blackouts are inexcusable because even the officials know that Nkula dam was built a long time ago.

The development comes barely a day after the Parliamentary Committee on Corporations said they will summon Escom over the power cuts.

The blackouts which in some densely areas goes up to three consecutive days, have also paralyzed the manufacturing industry.



  1. Escom must go, let another company do this. How can a nation function well without electricity? We hav a lot 2 do and factories and othr ppo wio rely on this power make loses and things dont go well. Ibwere company yakunja bas awa alephera man. Magets ngat opemhetsa.. Achtke mademowo bas.

  2. its funny how Malawians take rights out of context. Escom has come out in the open, stating the cause of blackouts.. Why dont you simply come up with possible solutions????

  3. Im going solar, escom can come and remove their meter and cables from my house im tired of their nonses, just excuse after excuse, when the rains do come they will start telling us about siltation

  4. mukadzaona zizindikilo izi athu kuukilana ena kunyozana kutukwanizana kukonda ndalama kuzikonda okha dziwani kut thawi yatha palibe chomwe tingachite apa tisaloze zala muthu khani ndiyoti 666 yayandikila palibe muthu angakomze malawi tikudikila thawi bas yot mwini wake aweluze mavuto a magess sadayambe lelo ayi ndikale kale paka pano ndiye mukut zioneselo tipangila ndani mungofuna kuba bas

  5. Amabungwewa tidziti anachokapo ? Kapena akungofuna kuti boma liope kenako awamezetse chi banzi . Kapena tidzi Malawi wadzuka mtulo ?

  6. I thought this is happening in Zimbabwe only. People must fight back this 20th century governments are kak they don’t care abwt the society

  7. Amalawi tiziganiza please. Let for once begin using our brain tikatero tidzapita patsogolo. ESCOM, Electrical Supply Corporation of Malawi. Look at the acronym and look at the escom act as stipulated in Malawi laws. The sole number one duty of this body is provide eletricity to the citizens of malawi on regular sustainable basis. Amalawi kungoganiza magetsi magetsi amangoganiza zamagetsi opangidwa kumadzi basi. sikutitu a escom-wo and aboma athuwa sadziwa kuti timaganiza choncho. Amadziwa ndithu and thats why they will continue exploiting us by using our taxes to enrich themselves instead of diversifying ways through which eletricity is genereted. amadziwa kuti tikawauza amalawi kuti madzi aphwa mu shire river mchifukwa chake magetsi akuzima akhulupilra ( hyro-eletrical supply corporation of malawi kind of thinking). Amalawi takhala mtulo nthawi yayitali and we need to wake up!!!!!!!….mademo achitike apa..

  8. To say water levels are down in shire river thats an obvious discription. This is summer, and we expect evaporation rate to be high hence the drop in water levels. However, rampant blackouts in summer has been an issue in malawi but not until when we had joyce banda our president.We could spend a month without experiencing a blackout. Joyce banda talked abuot something like, she procured heavy duty expensive morden machine for eletricity supply from japan/china to curb extensive blackouts. nde langa ndi funso. is that machine still on operational???? if not not, chifukwa chani. komatu musakhale kuti munaika pa alumali anyani inuuu…

  9. Akamgomva za ma demo, muona aziyatsa yatsa ma getsi, amapanga dala ndikuti. Paja musaaiwale amasangalala akaona mmalawi akuvutika.ndioipa anthuwa.

  10. Za ziiii u think when u do the protests ndie madzi abwelamo mu nyanja ya malawi ? Akuuzani monveka bwino tht its due to low levels of water in our Lake ndie mukufuna atani tsopano. Osakonza ma pemphero a dziko lonse bwanji for God to give us rains kuti madzi akhalemo ambiri mnyanja yathu? akutumani eti?

  11. Akamazima…….tizipeza ……… M’mwayi……omabazipagizo….zawozo………….tizikagulitsa………kumakagula…..masola….,

  12. Amenemukuti tisapange mademonu murindima genereta.I’fe timadarira mangetsibasi .why not kupangamademo??tipanga .tizingo lipira yaurere that’s there poor mismanagement.

  13. Ngakhale mupange zionetselozo magetsiwo ayaka? Bwanji kodi umbuli? Muja mudayambila zionetselozo adakuvera niko ziti? Uchitsilu bwanji ?loko iweyo ukutsogolela ungabweletse magetsiwo

  14. Amalawi kupangisa manyazi bwanj?Mages ngofunikad,koma ngat akuzimazima palizifukwa zosiyanasiyana.Sizichtika mwadala zimenez.Osamaganiza bwanj?

  15. kaya magemats azima koma maunits akumathabe akuti pc yawo simazimanao ndinagula a k10000 pa masiku six yatsala eight kwacha

  16. I think that’s a good move, & must b a big one…shud b in all cities…I don’t know what this government’s priorities are. komatu we r loosing alot economically due to these persistent blackouts…

  17. Vuto amalawi we are not proactive but sleepy alwayz and reactive. What we are calling problems today are simply symptoms of our lack of comprehensive strategic vision as anation. We are complaining about population growth as the underlining reason behind the current woes. Yet the national stastical office do conduct census preodically on human population and other social economic issues. What happens to the findings? Ithought they were avery good guide in socio economic development planning? So if for instance, population growth has been a prominent issue over the last two decades, why did our planners fail to forsee the impact this would have on such areas like energy, health etc and act accordingly? Im not suprised that this is due to sleepy, visionless and incompent leadership we have that thrieves in lies and cashgate money.

  18. Are we really sure by holding demonstrations will help raise the water levels in lake Malawi n shire river? By demonstrating what kind of solution are u trying to offer to ESCOM? Lets take magetsi ochokera ku Ovwe, akuzimazima chimodzi modzi? Amabungwewa ndiyesa akungofuna kuonetsa kwa omwe amawapatsa ndalama kuti akugwira ntchito. A Escom musangokhala phwii, please atengeni atolankhani muyende nawo adzionere mene mtsinje wa shire waphwera kuti aliuze dziko zoona zeni zeni makamaka kwaiwo akupanga dala kapena amene sanayende nkuona situation iliri

  19. A Malawi nzeru zimatichepera kufuna kumatcha ati chifukwa mvula sikugwa bwino? kwasala ku South Africa amatchenso because zakudya zakwera chifukwa chosowa mvula moti panopa zithu ngati tomato, onions ndizamasambazi zikudula chifukwa zikusowa chifukwa chosowa madzi this time mvula idakali kutali

  20. Magesi anji oti akayaka Misika ndi ma nyumba kumayaka moto…… Tiuzeni tsiku. Ma demo akathela ku escom office kopeleka chibaluwa

  21. let people demostrate ,let pple express their concerns for it is their right to do so,please refer our constitution this is not new.we are tired of buying candles here,we are tired of buying rotten food stuff,we are tired of spending money on our subscriptions whether its dstv,gotv,etc but not even single day to watch your tv.we are tired of getting imformation that somebody who was on oxygen has died coz there was no power.we are tired of many things.Therefore may be protesting would bring difference i guess.

  22. Ganizilani kaye mene nyengo ikuyendela kaye zinthu izi zimayenda ndimazi amabungwe muzikhalako ndimzeru mwamva

  23. Ganizilani kaye mene nyengo ikuyendela kaye zinthu izi zimayenda ndimazi amabungwe muzikhalako ndimzeru mwamva

  24. I think it time now Malawi goverment must wake up. I heard some raising water level in Shire. We must not rely on (hydro electric power) only. We have coal that can produce (thermal power). We have sun that can produce (solar power). We have sewage waste that can produce) bio gas for cooking and heating. And the matter of fact the dam was suppose to be extended to reserve these crisis. The genarators are too old to supply over growth population. Those generators were for that old Malawi which had less consumption for less population. Since many pple have electric appliance and many companies has upgrade their machine the goverment must upgrade the supply as well. The more they ignore the more 10yrs to come we wil suffer. Lets hope with this load shedding they are upgrading. For me a good protest is not to pay bill until they fix the problem.

    • Kikik @ mr Namonde prepaid is so simple i cant tell u how to do it but they is a way. But to be honest lot of resources we have as wind turbunes solar. But they just need to be generated in huge Mw. Komanso titengepo mbali popanga family planning. If u look the population is going up while the land and power remain the same.

    • So true sir…I mean it’s a shame when you see ESCOM personnel’s on T.V giving excuses on the water levels…as if Hydro is the only way to go…Long term will require other alternatives…whether they like it or not…

    • @ mr Phiri i agree with u. They new about this problem long time ago. The demand of power is high while the supply is low. The population is growing and lot of pple now us electric irons,stoves geysers,tv etc. While big companies have upgrage machines to multiply production. So they were suppose to do a long plan. We have coal in Malawi. Why not introduce thermal power while we upgrade. Now pple are left with no choice but to use charcol and fire wood. That wil cause global warming to our enviroment. At the same time it wil dent our economy. No investor is willing to take a risk by investing a factory that wil not have power and pay tax for running loss. This is a serious matter.

  25. What for??? Should we say after the demos the water level ll rise in shire river?? Y cant u just find a proper way of sorting out the issue,,,zomwezi zamagetsizi mudyerepo mabanzi a civil society?? If its money u want just go and beg zomazembera masemoz ayi.

    • Nkhani ndi yakuti, ma demowo apereka solution yanji ku dziko lathu? Ndi ufulu wanu kapangeni ma demowo koma sindikuona mutaperekapo solution iliyonse pa zonse muukapangezo

    • Sure mkandawire sizonse zomwe tikhoza kupanga criticise,,,chanza we realy need mademo for solutions and with this there is nothing we can get from mademowo,,,u r true bro.

    • I think the demos are to force powers that be, to think of other ways of generation of power. Do we really just sit phwiiii until the shire dries up completely? Why do we think politics in everything aMalawi amnzanga? This kind of thinking is the one that is taking us for being the poorest in the world. Leaders need to work and fight for their people. Take a look at Rwanda. We have never been at war as Rwanda but look at what they are. They have just landed an Airbus while we land ndege ya ufiti ku Mzimba uku. I am very ashamed to be called a Malawian.

    • Kkkkkkkk mwahimba dont talk like that bro,,,,as long as u r a malawian u r entitled to contribute to the change of this country,,,ur children shud nt face the very same problems,,,bt i understand u coz of hw malawi is right nw.

    • Amwene Adini ndale zikutipweteketsa koma sitikuzindikira. Guys if we see that things aren’t right let us say so truthfully without looking at our parties. Kunena zoona zinthu sizikuyenda pa dziko pano with these blackouts. And the govt is the most hit. How and from where will taxes come if businesses are not making profits? Service delivery zero pamenepo. Mapeto ake ine ndi iwe tisafala regardless of our stupid party affiliations.

    • shire river=escom…. therefore…no shire river=no escom….kuganiza kwa amalawi ngati achina nyophi kumeneko….hehehe..kalanga malawi wanga ine!!!!

    • Kkkkk @ kokha,,,inu mukuganiza bwanji pamenepo??the only source of power we hv in malawi is shire,,,and we r debating based on realities,,,,however we r saying as a nation we shud also adopt other means of generating the power,,,du we hv any other source right nw that can substitute the one we have without any sweat??we r hving prolonged blackouts and continued lamentations coz we dont hv a choice,,,better to those who hv backups bt they also eye the ESCOM,,,,this is the only choice we hv hence the noise.

    • Adini who shuld find de solution civil society or escom coz I tink its thru demo DAT maybe dey WL kn how diply w ar affected dis guyz sim not to sirious and it’s over due now

    • Majawa shud we say the demo part is a solution the CSOs hv come up with?? As bodies representing us they shud find a proper way of sorting out the issue,,,,there r some issues which realy calls for demos bt nt this one,,,they shud nt just take things negatively,,,,otherwise they r nt there as opposition bodies rather they r their to promote what is gd and give positive counseling where it is nt.

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  27. zionetsero ndi zofunika pakakhala kuti anthu sitikuchita bwino mwa dala ,koma ngati nkhani iyi ya magetsi koma titati tione bwino bwino ndi kuganiza monzama pa nkhaniyi ,escom ikuchita dala kuzimitsa magetsi i don’t think so kapena mukuganiza kuti pali wina akuchita foul play pa nkhani ya kuzima kwa magetsi ,tiyeni tiunike monzama kuti bvuto ili lingathetsedwe bwanji ,zionetsero sizisova bvutoli ,zingoonetsa kuti ife ndi anthu amene timangokondwa zinthu zikakhala zili bwino koma zikasokonekera timafuna tiziloza zala anthu ena, tiyeni tigwirane manja kuti bvutoli lithe osati kuchita zionetsero ,izizi sizisintha kali konse as for now mpaka chaka cha mawa ,

    • The thing is Escom yadziwa liti kuti mvula sinagwe bwino.January/February 2016 we all knew kuti we are having drought . Now they are saying they are in the process of procuring generators as back up which will be ready for use by June 2017.Thats nonsense and being incompetent.

    • Jamu vuto limeneli kupanda kupangapo kanthu kowonetsa mkwiyo siridzatha mpaka muyaya komanso anthu amenewa atitola kwambiri nchifukwa chake akungotidoda left and right.Ziwonetsero zimenezi zikharepo Nation wide.

    • zionetsero is for who have no brains thugs thieves and lazy bones , when the problems arises thats when you see big brains just wait and you’ll see

  28. Kuchukana nkwabwino vuto ndi mphamvu ya magetsi kuchepa kwa zinthu nkwabwino nchifukwa chake ku mzuzu kuthima magetsi ndi kamodzi pa chi sunday pokha atleast better, azathu ku lls ndi bt zanyanya.

  29. Malawi will never develop with poor services provided but when the month is ending Bill mpamba up to MK30,000 kaya amagwirisidwa ntchito yanji? eshiiiii shame @ ESCOM


  31. Vuto kuno chilichonse timachitengera kundale,magetsi akuvuta due to natural causes nde mwalowetsamo ndale hhhh Mukazawina zisankho muzandiuze.

  32. Ine ndi go nkoko kale hiyaaaa atiyenjeza, ankangodya ndlama without putting measures kut tsiku lina dziko lizakula ndipo nyengo yizatha kusintha mxieew….

  33. As long as it ll be peaceful demonstration koma mukakayamba kuba mma shop,breaking private properties u ll leave the police wth no option but to smoke you out

  34. Ine ndingopepha escom izachose katundu wawou ndi kagula sola map ndimakhala Ku 24 pazigayo mukangofika phone # ndiiyi just pls col me because simungaimbe ndinu osauka.

    • kumalawi kuno tinachuluka ndiye ambili akumagwilisa ntchito magesi pomwe mphamvu yake ndiyochepa ndizovuta kuti afikile wina ali yense auzeni anthu achepese kudula mitengo

    • akumagawa mbali zosiyana siyana ndizovuta kuti tonse atipase nthawi imodzi tinazaza kumalawi kuno tingosiya kubeleka basi

    • The thing is Escom yadziwa liti kuti mvula sinagwe bwino.January/February 2016 we all knew kuti we are having drought . Now they are saying they are in the process of procuring generators as back up which will be ready for use by June 2017.Thats nonsense and being incompetent.

  35. That’s y Malawi simactha and cdzactha cuz of dat,mmalo motengapo mbali ukuwalalatira omwe akufuna kupanga zionesero akangokhalaso muziti CVL sakupangapo ka2,Amalawi tinazolowera zopusa kuteroku mukuti mulungu asintha zinthu pomwe inu musakutengapo mbali kkkkkk.Ziwawa or nditi zionesero zimactha zinthu hvy olamulilayo azaziwa kuti anthuwa zikuwanyasa thru action not only voice or voiceless pls.Taonani Zambia, Joz,Tz etc akuctha koma pomwe ife tidakali mmake xana kodi xuwa lidakali mma mmawabe

  36. magetsi akayaka tchajilatu chifukwa sudziwa mtima wa escom…tchajilatu zonse ma foni ma tv ma iron ma fridge ndi zina zonsezo………

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