Mabedi dumps Cape Town All Stars


Cape Town All Stars have confirmed that coach Malawian Patrick Mabedi has resigned only 14 days after being appointed.

Mabedi out of All Stars.

The National First Division outfit part ways with Mabedi after he handed in his resignation on Monday night.

The club explained that the decision came down to a difference in opinion with Mabedi regarding certain organisational and football philosophies.

Faeez Dulvie, Cape Town All Stars General Manager, said: “We confirm the resignation of coach Patrick Mabedi with immediate effect. Mabedi notified the club of his resignation on Monday night.

“His resignation is mainly due to difference of opinion on certain organizational and football matters of the club. Anything beyond would be reasons only known to Patrick.” Soccer Laduma




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  2. Patrick is a qualified coach with EUFA licence which he obtained in Germany.Capetown all stars is not financially independent to match Mqbedis wages.

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