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Kaliwo clears mist over ‘cat and rat’ relationship with Chakwera

The opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) general secretary Gustave Kaliwo has disclosed that he still shares the same cup with party president Lazarus Chakwera despite the letter that raised eyebrows about the status of their relationship.

Last month, Kaliwo took his feelings about the party in black and white demanding Chakwera to take immediate action.

Later, Chakwera responded to the issues raised saying the law forbade him from speaking much as the matter was brought in court.

Still, the letter led to questions as to whether Kaliwo is in good terms with his party’s leader.

Gustave Kaliwo

Gustave Kaliwo: Clears mist on his relationship with Chakwera.

However, Kaliwo has disclosed that the matter was resolved and that he holds a strong relationship with his president.

“Mind you, that letter was not meant for public consumption, it was between me and my president, we discussed and things were resolved, we are now on the same page,” said Kaliwo.

In the letter dated September 13 2016 addressed to Chakwera, Kaliwo also complained of the ill-treatment received during the emergency National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting convened earlier last month which saw some top officials being fired and others being suspended.

The letter also faulted the decision by NEC meeting to fire some top officials because they hold dissenting views, saying the decision was not right.

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