5 October 2016 Last updated at: 9:14 AM

Government plans crackdown on companies

The Malawi Government says soon it will conduct an operation to close companies that do not provide recommended safety measures for their workers.

In an interview with one of the local radio stations in the country, Minister of Youth, Sports, Labour and Manpower Henry Mussa said they are budgeting for the operation to be successful.

He added that each and every company is supposed to operate under some laws but some companies are operating contrary to the laws of this country.

Henry Mussa

Mussa hintson the need of the crackdown.

“We have received reports that there are many companies in the country operating illegally, these companies have no reliable instruments and equipment for the safety of their workers that put their lives at risk,” said Mussa.

Asked when the tour will start, Mussa said when one want to catch a thief they do not come to the public telling everyone what they will do, rather they just get prepared and roll the action.

He continued saying that his ministry will work together with other ministries such as Industry and Trade, Home Affairs and Internal Security and that of Health in inspecting the companies for the goodness of the country.

The minister then warned that his ministry will not hesitate to close those companies which do not meet the requirements of their operations.

Many companies in the country fail to provide equipment that would ensure safety working conditions for their workers.

Weeks ago, workers at the newly opened sugar manufacturing company based in Salima complained that the company did not provide them with protective equipment such as metal helmets, working suits, and shoes to put on during their working hours.

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