4 October 2016 Last updated at: 9:41 AM

Chisomo Children’s Club to sign Charter for Street Children

Chisomo Children’s Club has announced plans to sign a Charter for Street Children aimed at removing kids from the streets and providing a safe home for them.

Chisomo Children’s Club Executive Director Charles Gwengwe said the charter will improve welfare of street kids.

“The charter will create a coordinating mechanism to maximize the support and action of all key agencies and the local community,” said Gwengwe.

Charles Gwengwe

Charles Gwengwe: This is a good move.

He added that the charter will help to identify all children living or working on the streets and ensure that each has identity.

“The charter will help stakeholders to share information on children living on in the streets in accordance with relevant legislation but driven by the common aim of the welfare of children and use case management system of creating plan for each identified child and their family,” said Gwengwe.

Some of the stakeholders to sign the Street Children charter include Malawi Police Service, Lilongwe City Council, the private sector, religious organizations, and Civil Society Organisations.

Currently, the number of streets kids in the country is said to have risen significantly, posing a security risk since some street kids have been in the past caught breaking into vehicles and stealing valuables.

Meanwhile, draft memorandum of understandings have been sent to all stakeholders so that they study and understand them prior to the signing ceremony.

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