Malawi’s Real C in collabo with American rapper

Real C

Malawi continues to overcome border barriers in music following the recently released million dollar track which has the Malawian voice of urban artist Real C and American Rich Adams.

The song is entitled Stay Strong, and as its identity can tell, it bears the message of encouragement to a trapped souls trying to come out of trouble.

“The theme is about a trapped soul trying to come out of struggle, fear and unfriendly environment and the person has to prepare for the life he/she will fully control,” says Real C.

Produced by Dizzo, Stich Fray and Lyrikal the trap hip hop beat is of an international standard, thus not worth a zap.

Real C
Real C flies Malawi’ flag in America.

Here is a skilfully done innocent song whose message can be grasped in enjoyment as accompanied by limitless dabbing from left to right. The Malawian representative tells his story from the perspective of his environment likewise America’s Rich Adams.

Born Cornelius Kunkeyani, the 25 year-old fell in love with hip hop music in 2005 when he started developing lyrics during his secondary school days.

Currently working as an assistant health officer at Mangochi district hospital, the profession is far from swallowing his passion for art.

Real C was featured on Eddie’s Napepe, an RnB hit with sparks that refuse to die. With an EP in the offing, he promises more positive hip hop vibes.

“Conscious EP will be released later this year and the package I have in stock is a surprise to all the listeners out there. Videos and tours are underway as such please be on the lookout,” he said.

Kunkeyani grew up drawing motivation from hip hop heavyweights such as Nas, 50 Cent, Jay Z and Eminem. With a brighter future laying ahead, his journey has just began, watch him.



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