3 October 2016 Last updated at: 10:02 AM

Malawian Catholic priest rapes teen

Police in Ntchisi have arrested a Roman Catholic priest for raping a 16 year-old girl at a rest house in Kasungu.

The girl is reported to have been sexually abused by Father Francis Ngalande, 44, who is a priest for Mpherere Catholic church.

RapeAccording to police, the priest was paying for the girl’s school fees at a secondary school in Ntchisi.

Thus the priest arranged to meet the girl in Kasungu as he promised that he had found a new school for her.

The two arrived in Kasungu at night and the priest arranged for them to have a rest at one of the resthouses in the district.

The girl is reported to have been surprised after the priest booked one room for both and that he started massaging her before making it to his evil wish.

The victim reported the matter to her parents who took the issue to police.
Medical report confirmed the girl was raped. Meanwhile, the priest is yet to be charged for defilement.

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