3 October 2016 Last updated at: 4:40 AM

I was in China – Ken Msonda comes clear on DPP link

People’s Party (PP) ex-spokesperson Ken Msonda has refuted reports that he went to United States of America (USA) to meet President Peter Mutharika saying he was in China for business.

Reports indicated that Msonda was to have a gentleman’s talk with Mutharika on how the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) can oust Kamlepo Kalua who has been a thorn in the fresh of the ruling party.

Further reports disclosed that Msonda was to take his flight to USA under the cost of DPP’s vice president in the northern region Goodall Gondwe who is also the country’s finance minister.

Ken Msonda People's Party Joyce Banda

Msonda: Clears the reports.

However, Msonda has downplayed the reports saying he took China as his destination not America.

“Malawi has a lot of issues that need attention, my trip is not an issue that someone should spend sleepless nights over, I was in China for business and I have been travelling before the lies began.

“And it’s not a crime to meet president of my country Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika, he is a head of state for my country,” said Msonda.

He added that he has a right to join any political party in Malawi saying many parties have approached him since his resignation from PP.

Msonda’s resignation sparked controversy with reports disclosing that he is being used by the ruling party in order to unseat Rumphi East constituency Parliamentarian Kamlepo Kalua.

But Kalua has challenged the DPP that he is optimistic to win the elections in 2019 saying people in his area love him.

Speaking on the local press on Saturday night, Kalua said that his constituents have labelled him as hero for standing against corruption by government ministers.

“Ana achepa (they are too young), they came five of them in my constituency talking ill about me so that they can tarnish my name but those people know am standing against their suffering In the country,” said Kalua.

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