Kachasu claim woman’s life in Balaka


A 75 year-old woman has died after taking locally brewed beer known as Kachasu for three consecutive days without eating any food in Balaka district.

Balaka Police Deputy Public Relations Officer Gerald Sumaili identified the deceased as Malita Joseph who was said to be a heavy drinker.

“She spent three days without returning home for meals and later she was found dead at Dambo area within the village,” said Sumaili.

Kachasu binge kills a woman.

Postmortem conducted a Balaka District Hospital revealed that the woman died due to excessive intake of beer without eating anything.

Joseph hailed from Mkweya village, Traditional Authority Chanthunya in Balaka.

In a related incident, a 9 year-old boy identified as Henry Kagwa has died after drowning in Rivirivi River at Kachilunda village in Balaka.

According to Sumaili, the boy was trying to swim but unfortunately he drowned in the process.

Postmortem conducted revealed that the death was caused due to suffocation.

The deceased hailed from Kachilunda village, Traditional Authority Nsamala in Balaka district.



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  2. Nonse amene mukumuweruza munthuyu kuti wake ndiwakumoto, ndikukumverani chisoni. Zikungoonekeratu kuti you are plastic christians. Copyright Christians. In short, you are fake.
    A real christian never judges others.
    Do not judge others so that God will not judge you.

  3. Izi zikuthirira umboni kuti dziko muno muli njala chifukwa ngati munthu sangasankhe kukhala osadya kwa masiku atatu nde munthuyu sanamwalire ndi kachasu koma NJALA

  4. The person died from hunger, not the Kachasu. Mukuchita kunena nokha kuti he stayed 3 days without eating any food. Its the hinger which killed him not the kachasu.

  5. even here in Lilongwe happenedthe same! nyamata ogaya pa chigayo china chotchedwa cha anganga ku 25 sungwi anangopezeka atamwalira mu chi gayo after kumwa but osadyera! !!! ndiye kaya mupanga njila yanji kuti zithe Zimene zi?

  6. Sinners Judging a sinner for committing a sin. Most of religious fanatics are fast in Judgment. (She is going to hell. She can’t lest in peace)
    But we will be highly confused when we meet the Almighty. He understands, He loves, and He forgives… We will never get saved for our works, but for His mercy. We are all sinners

  7. Apa palibe nkhani iwe ine ndikudziwa kuti kachasu ndi mowa woipa choleka kudyelatu ndichiyani bodza ili not claim koma kuti aziyamba dala chokani apa anthu woipa inu

  8. Its not kachaso that have killed this man its hunger” akutiti three days without eating not “three days without drinking kachaso” anyway that’s how I’ve understood this report so I think the reporter chose the wrong headline for the story kachaso sapha munthu abale koma njala imapha munthu

  9. Nkhozo Zodya akulu zidapota ana. mot zizukulu zanu inu agogo mwatisiya zizizati : ***** *******Agogo athu anamwalira atamwa kachasu osadyera ?????

  10. She was stressed after going through some problem. We must blame people who were very close to her. They did not see this. We should always check against drug and alcohol abuse wherever we are!

    1. kkkkkkk memorey oooh i cant believe mene amakanila kumwa thawi ya mbwiyo ijah amangondipeza kungometesa ndikumapita bawa amaikana serious man dan

  11. Inu mukuona ngati kusaďyako nķufuna? Ndi njala ka yavuta zaka za lero, Zaka 75 mpano Mukamuuze za kuipa kwa kachaso makàndà ngati inu.

  12. What i dont understand is every month 100s of young malawians are dying due to exsecive drinking these cheap spirits but its not news, Why?

  13. Ai Ndi2 Zosadandaulitsa.Chifukwa Chan? Ndizinthu Zochit Kufuna Amat Alimba Bwanj Opanda Chakudya.2 Wafa Asanalape Tikamba Pano Akuzuzika Muhade

    1. Koma musaweruze kuti mungaweruzidwe. Popeza kuweruza kuli kwaiye mwini wake. Simukudziwa what happened when she was dying. Maybe she repented we never know.
      Zilileni inu nokha ndi ana wanu. Please if you call yourselves real Christians, please stop judging others please.

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