Woman jailed over marijuana

Katelo Banda
Katelo Banda
Katelo Banda arrested.

The Dowa First Grade Magistrate Court has convicted and sentenced a 53 year-old woman to 18 months in jail with hard labour for being found in possession of cannabis sativa locally known as Chamba.

Presenting facts in court, police prosecutor Gerald Kwizombe said the woman Katelo Banda was coming from Kasungu going to Blantyre and she carried the Indian hemp in the back of her car.

She was arrested at Dowa turn off police roadblock after officers thoroughly searched the car.

“The woman was arrested for possessing Indian hemp which is contrary to section 4a as read with regulation 19 sub section 1 and 2 of Dangerous Drug Act,” said Kwizombe.

The Indian hemp was later taken to Chitedze Research Station for examination where it weighed 17 kilograms.

The woman pleaded guilty to the offence and prosecutor Kwizombe asked the court to give her a stiff sentence saying marijuana is sold to children and it destroys their lives.

In mitigation, the woman said that she has five children who look up to her.

Passing judgement, magistrate Imulani Phiri slapped the woman with 18 months in prison without option of fine.

Banda hails from Mwachande village, Traditional Authority Machinjiri in Blantyre.



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