28 September 2016 Last updated at: 9:44 AM

Malawi getting maize from Zambia, Mexico

In a move to lessen effects of the double blow on food production by disasters in the country, Malawi has now begun filling its stocks with maize from Zambia and Mexico to feed a starving population.

The country is to get 55,000 metric tonnes of maize from Zambia and Mexico by October this year for citizens who were effected by floods in 2015 and persistent dry spells in many districts following El-Nino weather in 2015/16 farming period.


Malawians can smile to this.

World Food Program (WFP) has since confirmed receiving maize from the two countries with funds approved by Malawi government to support 6.5 million people under food shortage.

WFP deputy country director Mietik Maj said they need to have more financial support to alleviate the hunger in the country.

Maj added that WFP needs US$100 million for the population in need of food in Malawi.

Authorities in the country are yet to keep to their promise that “no one is to die due to hunger” that has hit the country hard.

During a Malawi24 tour to some areas of Halala and M’maniwa under Traditional Authority (TA) Nsanama in Machinga district over the weekend, community members were seen cooking green Papaya for food due to lack of maize in Admarc depots.

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