Levels of illegal immigration in Malawi shock authorities


The Department of Immigration in the country has expressed concern over high levels of illegal immigration happening in the country.

Reports have indicated that there are many cases of illegal entry of foreigners at the borders of Malawi especially those in the northern region.

Speaking to the media, public relations officer for the Immigration Department in the country Joseph Chauwa confirmed the development saying there are some Malawians who are contributing to the malpractice by accommodating the foreigners.

Illegal immigrants hitting Malawi.

“It is sad to hear that there are some Malawians condoning this malpractice by giving the foreigners basic needs like shelter and food,” said Chauwa.

He added that many of such cases have been registered in the northern border of Malawi and Tanzania (Songwe).

Chauwa however warned that it is dangerous to accommodate illegal immigrants since their intentions are not known.

Asked if this is happening because of shortage of officers in the borders, the immigration spokesman said their offices have got enough officers to provide security at the borders and claimed that they have tightened security at the country’s border areas.

Meanwhile the department has called on people in the country to notify police if they see illegal immigrants in their areas.



  1. Malawi is poor county ,we don’t have resources to handle those immigrants, just send them back to their country, ife akutigwila kuno amatitumiza direct ku lindera

  2. These people are within our midst you here that this is a stranger akangokunyemerani msuzi basi zathera pompo tomorrow you start to wander, cry my beloved country Malawi wake up in slumber.

  3. Asiyeni azinkhala bola ali ndi ulemu si akuba amenewo,Chauta alibe malire. Pamene alipo ndipemene mlungu awakozera.

  4. Let them stay in Malawi,As long as they keep peace.Malawi is warm heat of Africa,that means thy are brothers and sisters.One Africa,one Nation.

  5. I don’t see any differences between an illegal immigrant and a citizen, as of now most Malawian have the same experiences just exactly like as those at Dzaleka refugees camp. We are treated as if this is not our country. We live like illegal immigrants too. I assume we are isolated by government.

  6. Akungodutsa awa atayeni pliz, or atati azikhara nothing wrong, how someone can be aforeigner pomwe ali muafrica momuno. Amalawi amalowa mozembanso kutheba bolanso awa sakudutsa moospa, koma amalawi adutsa kumitsinje koti kuli ng,ona. Nawonso ndi anthu awa amafuna zomwe aliyense amafuna paumoyo wake. DZUKA AFRICA DZUKA. osanyozana tokhatokha.

  7. No country without foreign nationals let them feel at home they just as blacks as u and me.We also here in south Africa for green pasture just as them .

  8. Welcome brothers. This is Malawi, the most peaceful country with beautiful and happie faces. Feel at home and never be stressed. If you want ganja, I have plenty of it and if you’ll need shake-shake(chibuku) bwerani timwa only mahule sindimavaila kuopa kundipasa zochepesa moyo!!!!

  9. osangosangalala bwanji kuti akukupezetsani soda mesa ndi m’mene mumadyela u r shocked ? whom r u fooling? stupid pipo.

  10. Azikhala as long as akupeza chakudya nafeso a Malawi ambiri tili kuno ku SA tikukhala tikuzipezela tokha china chilichosi chofuna pawumoyo wathu nawoso azizipezela basi akhala bwino tose ndife ma Africa

    1. Thumbs up my sis! Kuyankhula kwa umunthu! Wish there was a proper travel procedure that doesn’t put any obstacles to the people who want travel

    2. exactly am also living abetter life in tz juxt becoz am nt being disturbed by the country owners let them also enjoy the lyf of if they thnk it is better than that of their country.

  11. yah let them fill the whole country otherwise through them you can learn something that poverty is not good thing to enjoy. Just like them we are also illegal here in SA the way they surffering there same aplies to us. some of us our passports expired 8years ago we just waiting for our dudgement day either deported or been killed by xenophobic thugs.

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