28 September 2016 Last updated at: 10:19 AM

Levels of illegal immigration in Malawi shock authorities

The Department of Immigration in the country has expressed concern over high levels of illegal immigration happening in the country.

Reports have indicated that there are many cases of illegal entry of foreigners at the borders of Malawi especially those in the northern region.

Speaking to the media, public relations officer for the Immigration Department in the country Joseph Chauwa confirmed the development saying there are some Malawians who are contributing to the malpractice by accommodating the foreigners.


Illegal immigrants hitting Malawi.

“It is sad to hear that there are some Malawians condoning this malpractice by giving the foreigners basic needs like shelter and food,” said Chauwa.

He added that many of such cases have been registered in the northern border of Malawi and Tanzania (Songwe).

Chauwa however warned that it is dangerous to accommodate illegal immigrants since their intentions are not known.

Asked if this is happening because of shortage of officers in the borders, the immigration spokesman said their offices have got enough officers to provide security at the borders and claimed that they have tightened security at the country’s border areas.

Meanwhile the department has called on people in the country to notify police if they see illegal immigrants in their areas.

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