Eight models into Miss Blantyre finals

Miss Blantyre

A total of eight models qualified for the Miss Blantyre finals having passed the test during last Saturday’s auditions at Malawi Sun Hotels in the commercial capital.

Young ladies from all corners of Blantyre gathered at the hospitality base for the auditions under motivation of a common goal.

The assessment activity which lasted 8 hours from 8 AM to 4 PM, saw Chilomoni, Chigumula, Chirimba, Zingwangwa and Nkolokosa having the most representation. Judges had a tough time in selecting the best crops to fight for the crown on 4th November at Comesa Hall in Blantyre.

Miss Blantyre
Miss Blantyre on the cards.

However, they managed to choose eight out of hundreds that turned up having assessed them in the areas of catwalk, ability to command the runway, ability to appeal to an audience, confidence, personality and expression.

In an interview, Miss Blantyre modelling manager Melony Maziyaya said the fishing exercise is not over as the final phase of auditions will take place this coming Saturday at the same venue.

She added that they are targeting 15 models for the finals, therefore only 7 will be selected on Saturday to complete the list.

“We target to have up to 15 ladies, so far, we have eight that are fully vetted to contest. To complete the line-up, we are conducting a final audition season next Saturday at Malawi Sun Hotels from 8 AM to 12 AM,” said Maziyaya.

Miss Blantyre Chairman Daniel Ngwira argued that this year’s auditions are being well patronised as compared to last year when organisers had to scout models in order to have the right numbers.

“The Miss Blantyre auditions have been well patronised this year beating the past where we mostly had to scout models to have the right numbers.

The only challenge is that we had most ladies that attended and did not make the final list line-up,” said Ngwira.

Names of all successful models to contest will be announced on 1st October after the final phase of auditions.

The organisers are therefore calling on all interested ladies to take part in the final auditions.

This year Malawi24 is the official media partner for the pageant. In this regard credible information on the pageant can be accesses through this publication.



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