Two Nigerian players coming to Wanderers : One nicknamed Messi

Nomads players

as Bello’s future remains dark 

Two Nigerian players will be arriving in Malawi today ahead of their trials at Be Forward Wanderers, it has been confirmed.

According to a post on the Nomads Facebook Page, the two whose names are to be made clear are free agents and their coming to Malawi has been fueled by Nigerian legend Jay Jay Okocha.

Nomads players
Coming to Malawi.

The post which outlines the interview with the team’s General Secretary Mike Butao makes mention that their coming could be a boost to the Nomads as some of the players at the Lali Lubani side are leaving the club for clubs outside Malawi.

”We expect some players from our team to go for trials outside Malawi as part of brand exposure in the course of the second round. Allow me not to say much on this but more will be revealed and explained as these things happen.” said Butao.

He says one of them is a striker while the other is a winger who is nicknamed after Barcelona star Lionel Messi.

”They are coming in free of charge. No signing on fee and no transfer fee. But if we are impressed with them then we can sign them permanently in January. This is because we have exhausted our transfer budget and we could not get such a soft deal locally. We had to ask Jay Jay Okocha for this arrangement. These are his boys.” he emphasized.

The Nomads were some years joined by Cameroonian forward Lionel Atsu who left them abruptly and was later reported dead, a thing which remains a talking point today.

They also were joined by Nigerian forward Amos Bello who Malawi24 understands has not been in good books with the officials at the club lately something which owes to his absence at the team’s training and games in the recent past.

However emerging reports indicate the forward was on a private trip to his homeland and is slated to be part of the team ‘s training this week.

Japanese Genki Nakamura then later joined the Nomads- a deal believed to have been propelled by sponsor, Japanese second car dealer, Be Forward.




  1. Ngat ndmadolo iwowo,bwanj osapta ku england kukayesa mway?? mmalo mot tiziseweretsa amalawi azathu kt nawoso adzwke,we r busy kumaseretsa anthu akunja,,,,,skulakwa kutero kma tiwone mbali zonse,,

  2. kkkk Welcome to Ganda la Nkhumba Wanderers! In juju we trust!Hope you consulted the gods in your country before leaving Nigeria!

  3. Koma player olongosoka angachoke Ku Nigeria, kudzasewera mpira Ku Malawi? Eni ake akuthawira mu Nampulamu. Apasidwa Ndalama zingati?a player amzawo amangozungulira mu Limbe mu atavala patapata ndi sokosi kuli kubisa zikang’a.

  4. Is it the players or technical pannel for Nebas poor performance in TNM Superleague?Trade carefully on foreign players,they will kill the fighting spirit of local based players.Let’s hope someone is not cashing in paja kuli changu pazimenezi.All the best.


  6. Malandira landira amenewa tirandira nazo maliro anjoka.mukulandila ma pray koma kuwafufuza alibe mbiri kwao pamasewela apira

  7. Nigerian football z on th world man. Malawian players r nt good enough to play in senior teams in countries like Nigeria may be in vea reserve teams. Vea 4 i totally support Noma

  8. Neba apa ma plan akuthela basi kkkkkkkkkkkk vuto sima player koma khalidwe la club yanuyi Mulungu samakondwela nazo mumakhulupilila makhwala kwambiri.

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  10. maganizo you don’t know what football game is ,who told you that nigerians can not play in malawi ? football game is a game played mentally , tectically technically ,skillfully as well as physically ,if you are not mentally strong as a player ,you won’t go far coz skill alone is not enough you need to think deep coz modern football is about game time ,upite ku team yamadolo okhaokha uzikhala pa bench ku TP mazembe ndiye kuti mpira sukuudziwa ,umapita komwe uzikamenyamenya mpira ndiye mpira wamakono ,

  11. The way i know nigerian football, good prayers from nigeria can not play his football in malawi, this wanders management they need proper adivise frm soccer followers, we have country class players in our squad then why bring foreign players, nakamula and bello are there and they deliver nothing but banklapt the team, am not hapy with this, use that money for our local players, south africa footbal is going down bkoz of that, mpira ku malawi uliko vuto ndiosogolera

  12. Those are desperate players i think i mean how could they choose to play in that poor league whereby every single club is strugling with finacial isues besides having low standard of our league? Hey these chineke are dom

  13. Ayi mtima sunkhutadi.Tifunilanji zida zina pomwe zina zamphavu tikulephela kugwiritsa ntchito .Ineyo monga Nyerere yaikulu ndikuiona Team yanga ikuchoka pabwino nkupita poipa,ndipo zinthu zitivuta zediiiiiiiii.

    1. That not good. Just put yo opinion bru. So our players who go and play abroad must be treated in such a way. Like they say aMalawi players amanunkha because they dont know roll on and perfumes. Simple lets put fact in a proper way not provokective.

    2. Nice one bru. Like this weekend we wil see our Frank Gabadhino Mhango shining. Showing the world that Malawi has skill in MTN finals . When Sundowns takes Wits. He has recieved 2 man of the match in 2 weeks. And this week he wil be a dangerman.

  14. I am wonderes suporter but sometimes i get disapointed with this team the way how they make their decissions they have quality players but they dont know how to use them now they are getting other players from outside what they want tell us?are they trying to tell us that they are losing games because players are not good enough?we want to see our own football not that

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