Suffix comes in defence of gospel hip hop in Malawi


In the thick of continued attacks on gospel artists who perform at ‘secular’ shows, gospel rapper Suffix says Malawians need to fully embrace the art and know that the gospel can be preached anywhere.

“We are embracing gospel hip hop. Look the gospel can be preached everywhere. It’s unfortunate that when gospel artists like us are invited to such shows we are taken as having turned to secular music. This is a wrong perception,” he told Malawi24 in an interview just after his 11 minute long performance at the Coca-Cola Kuphaka Life event which occurred at Blantyre Sports Club on Saturday.

Suffix defends gospel hip hop.

This comes hot on the heels of a social media row after both secular and gospel hip hop artist stormed the recent Barry One’s Maso Atseguka album launch on 10th September at Robins Park in Blantyre.

Some quarters have argued that gospels artists need not to perform at shows that are largely deemed ‘secular’, something which Suffix does not subscribe to.

Suffix argues that ‘negatives perceptions’ on gospel artists performing at secular shows could be a stumbling block to the country’s art.

“We are perceived as liars. Even the secular artists themselves could not like our presence but then, like in my case, a Christian, I believe am a Christian before I am an artist. A Coca-Cola show like this one is for every other artist to perform,” he said.

Suffix added that he was very honoured to have been invited to the show through votes by the fans on Facebook.

After initially unveiling Home Grown and Bucci a couple of weeks ago, organisers of the event, funded by Coca-Cola Malawi this week added Tay Grin to the list and asked fans to vote for the fourth artist and Suffix emerged top of the list.

Fans had the power to decide their choice via the Kuphaka Life Facebook page. There was stiff competition between Lilongwe hip-hop artist Third Eye and the Christian rapper Suffix.

At the show, he performed a bit of Ndikanakhala Judge, Mkazi wa Ku Mwamba, and I am from Malawi.

Suffix hit the limelight with the track Mkazi waku Mwamba which he featured Faith Mussa.



  1. Dere is some truth in it although secular venues may bring too much temptations to a gospel artist.But dat is realy a very good initiative bcos a real preacher has to be targeting dose grounds dat has never been touched b4 or dat are hardly being touched by many preachers.Bt when ambarking on such a mission,one has realy got to be very strong bcos as he/she is tryn to change pple in a secular environment,Sometimes its de enviroment dat may change him/her.So such areas needs pple who believe dat deir faith is so strong dat it can hardly be changed by any environment.But its a good idea bcoz christ didnt come for de righteous but for de sinners.

  2. Za ziii ! uthenga wa ambuye its not by force , going to those shows claiming u r preaching gospel its like u are forcing the gospel on people who are not yet willing to follow Jesus Ndiye akamakakutukwananiko muzikati ” mayesero ” Stupid !! remember Mulungu amachita kufunidwa so stop forcing the gospel on people they have their own choice pali Malo ambiri mungalalikile not places kumene anthu abalalika ndi chamba , mowa and other drugs that’s very stupid of. self-claimed gospel artists

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