25 September 2016 Last updated at: 7:40 AM

Two women in custody over marijuana

Two women are in police custody in Kasungu district for being found with 15 bags of Indian hemp.

Public relations officer for Kasungu police Edna Mzingwitsa identified the women as Monica Longwe (34) and Gertrude Mwale (31).


Previously burnt chamba (Library)

Mzingwitsa said the two were arrested on Friday when they were coming from Nkhatabay heading to Balaka in a lorry.

When the women reached Chisazima roadblock, officers noticed that among the bags of maize, rice and cassava, the lorry was also carrying Indian hemp.

“The suspects had 15 bags which had Indian hemp mixed with a processed rice and dried pieces of cassava” she said.

Meanwhile the two have been charged with the offence of being found in possession of Indian hemp.

“The bags will be taken to Chitedze research station before the suspects are taken to court,” Mzingwitsa said.

Gertrude Mwale comes from Chinseu village Traditional Authority Mnyanja in Kasungu district while Monica Longwe comes from Kasenza village Traditional Authority Kansulo in Mzimba district.

In related development, police in Kasungu have burnt 3 tonnes of Indian hemp which were confiscated from various convicts.

It has been confirmed that some of the convicts paid fines while those who failed to pay are serving custodial sentences at Matchaya Prison.

During the destruction, members from judiciary, health, district commissioner and other stakeholders were present.

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