25 September 2016 Last updated at: 7:56 AM

Mutharika honored for including Atupele Muluzi in cabinet

President Peter Mutharika has been honoured by the Georgia Legislative Caucus from the United States of America for among other reasons appointing Atupele Muluzi as one of his ministers.

According to Mutharika, one of the qualifications to the award is his approach to political matters since he propagated inclusivity by roping in those that were his opponents during the 2014 polls.

After winning the 2014 elections, Mutharika included Muluzi in his cabinet. The two were among the presidential hopefuls during the elections.

Atupele Muluzi

Muluzi: Still in Mutharika’s cabinet.

“My preferred position on political matters is that regardless of our varying affiliations we must always focus on service to our people. Being political masters should be a platform for meaningful nation building,” said Mutharika.

“These awards should remind us that despite our current situation the global community has hope in our plan towards inclusive development. It is a workable plan, let us all believe in it,” Mutharika added.

The Malawi leader also claimed that the recognition by the legislative caucus symbolises hope that foreign people have in the country.

“I am honoured to receive yet another recognition this time from America’s largest black legislative caucus; the Georgia Legislative Black Caucus. This recognition comes concurrently with the African Leadership Award and my induction into the African Leadership Award Hall of Fame,” he wrote on Facebook.

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