Mutharika honored for including Atupele Muluzi in cabinet

Atupele Muluzi

President Peter Mutharika has been honoured by the Georgia Legislative Caucus from the United States of America for among other reasons appointing Atupele Muluzi as one of his ministers.

According to Mutharika, one of the qualifications to the award is his approach to political matters since he propagated inclusivity by roping in those that were his opponents during the 2014 polls.

After winning the 2014 elections, Mutharika included Muluzi in his cabinet. The two were among the presidential hopefuls during the elections.

Atupele Muluzi
Muluzi: Still in Mutharika’s cabinet.

“My preferred position on political matters is that regardless of our varying affiliations we must always focus on service to our people. Being political masters should be a platform for meaningful nation building,” said Mutharika.

“These awards should remind us that despite our current situation the global community has hope in our plan towards inclusive development. It is a workable plan, let us all believe in it,” Mutharika added.

The Malawi leader also claimed that the recognition by the legislative caucus symbolises hope that foreign people have in the country.

“I am honoured to receive yet another recognition this time from America’s largest black legislative caucus; the Georgia Legislative Black Caucus. This recognition comes concurrently with the African Leadership Award and my induction into the African Leadership Award Hall of Fame,” he wrote on Facebook.



  1. Koma abale inu ndiine tiyeni tisingoyang.ana chifukwa singakusalireni nokha kaya ndi Mr T.muluzi kayaso Mr L.chakwera kukhala president onse ndiolandirilidwa chifukwa oseo ndimbadwa mukanena kuti atupele ndiwa corapetion ndizoona ngati bambo ake chabwino tiyeni tipite kwa chakwera adaba ndalama zampingo ndiyekuti alowe m boma lingakhale boma kapena nchizake chaboma kuononga kumpingo ndiye boma angaliononge bwanji olamula kwabwino kulibe ndiamene adatisiya aja basi Mr kamuzu banda koma osewa ndi mbalangondo zokhazokha basi! I hope u have understand me if u can understand!

  2. Nthawi yonenera zochuluka pano ine ndilibe koma ndingodana ndi zomayamikila zinthu zoti sizingathandize kwa anthu amene tikuvutika wina nkumati zili bwino.

  3. Well done mr president anthu tonse aku malawi tauzana kut tonse pamozi tikuthandizen kunyadila nanu panoz cz mwatichosa manyazi polandila ma award

  4. JB did the same,was she honoured? whats special with APM…may be he did it woo support from that region or party..Tell the man to look into the welfare of his people first(charity beggins @ home).

  5. Nonsese jst bcoz usa appreciated munthalika bcoz of this and that? so what? Is there any point wealthy that can take your time writing? Y do u take usa as God? Oh! Africa we r still bhind life.

  6. The foolishness of white people and the stupidity of black leaders. I can’t believe that someone can be happy for being honoured for a pointing a minister.malawian are staving with poverty and fools are busy honouring their president as if he has made manna to fall from heaven for the poor malawian. These white crooks are responsible for bad leadership in Africa.

  7. Azungu ali ndikwawo pa womwewa napha gadffi omwewa akufuna akaxiakwatilane okhaokha amuna okha mai azitusa mimba.amati mulungu khulimbe omwewa amati ku africa kulimbe democraciy lkoma iwo amayambisa khondo kuno ku afrida.

  8. That’s Europeans:they withdraw aid in many african countries due to rampant corruption then they come up with their awards if the country’s 60 percent of the budget comes from agriculture and heavy taxes but if the country has minerals and crude oil they supply weapons.when my fellow black men see this they clap hands without thinking of the consequences of such ill’s high time Africa realised that we can never cerebrate everything that comes from european countries.

    1. White politicians are dengerous parasites they sacl black man living him with litle blood just for survival. Without Africa they could be aready dead

  9. Very right… kungoti ife timaona mwachimalawi… In developed nations komwe anakopera democracy ie USA, Current presidential candidate for the ruling party is former first lady, Hillary Clinton who is wife to Bill Clinton…. former president of USA,, apart from that she was also appointed by Obama as secretary of state. So internation persipactive cant be like ours here in premitive land…. Thus consolidating democracy. Koma iwe ndi ine mphuno bii kunyoza…… amene zamunyasa azavotere wina 2019 tione ngati mungazawine…..OLAMULA DZIKO LINO NDI AWA; Peter mutharika, Atupele muluzi, And any one from the south qualifies automatic…… Copy and paste my coment & read it in 2020 or 2025

  10. Sometimes I can’t understand how politics is . Where is this appreciation coming from ,how ?why ?. This is ridiculous. Europeans have something behind n then u see some malawians celebrating over this foolish and anonymous speech. Am coming this 2019 to join politics in Malawi. Contesting as an MP.

  11. Iwe mzungu usatinyasepo apa ndi chiyani chomwe angapatsidwire ulemu apa?kapena kutsika kwandalama,kudula kwa katundu,kuphedwa kwa albino,kuvuta kwa magetsi ndi madzi ndi mavuto ena osaneneka,kodi iweyo mzungu usanapereke ulemuwo unayamba wabwera kuno ndikuliona dziko mmene lafikira pa saza?

  12. When Catholics are baptizing, they sprinkle water on the forehead of their laity unlike the Adventists who deep the whole being in the waters. Some stupid Adventists spend their time accusing the Catholics that they are doing it the wrong way they forget that the yardstick measure of the Catholics is different from Adventists by virtue of difference in denomination. The measure of international organizations on success of individuals of public importance is so different from the measure we locals use. So some stupid Malawians spend time accusing these organizations on their principles of rating forgetting that we do not have same eyes. We have some Malawians that we rate stupid yet the university of Malawi conferred them with a degree because we measured them differently using different tools. So do not be stupid your tools and expectations aren’t those of international organizations.

    1. Malawians don’t need international organizations to tell them how Malawi government is doing. Malawians themselves are the ones to rate their government. Its Malawians who see and feel about their government. If its ok, the majority wil see and feel that its alright and vice vesa. Its not like be whatever the international community / organizations say is gospel truth. Its not about what degree one is holding / awarded from which international recognized institution. Its all about the real issues on the ground

    2. Iziso nde ziti? Sprinkle is the symble for annointing not baptism and it means submerging something into not puring something on. Bwinotu mungakhale atinkenawo a chembedzo. Pomwe eni amadziwa chomwe akuchita. Wake up!

    3. Malawian s themselves are the ones feeling the heat of the hardships and not the International Community!
      Otherwise they are fed with lies through the media!
      It’s so stupid for someone to applaud success of a failure especially in times when people in the villages are still the poorest, jobless, no food, salary delay for civil servants, no medicine in our hospitals, fees hikes, poor security, injustice, massive corruption, deappreciation of Kwacha against major foreign currencies, etc…..

    4. And the president himself is proud of such awards?? Doesn’t he see it as the highest mockery of it’s kind?? Surely these institutions are making a fool of him. Sometimes educated people can be the dumbest

    5. Take example of an 12-ECG reading, the limb leads show negative deflection(downward deflect) whereas the chest leads show a positive deflection(upward deflect) of the QRS complex. Neither lead is at fault it is their angle of visualization that brings the difference i.e. the position of the camera. When we Malawians complain about the woes of government we are genuinely right. When other organizations see potential in our leadership they are genuinely right. It is our expectations and tools that are different but both of us are equally right. I am not as stupid as most of you guys not to realize different positions of our cameras and I’m wise enough to mind my camera other than trying to focus someone camera. You can choose to remain stupid.

    6. Willies there is nothing of church in this issue. U hv just shown how stupid u r here. nevertheless u need to know that sprinkle and baptize are two different words with different meanings. Baptize or baptism goes with Christianity why by Christ himself was baptized in the river. Sprinkling is not baptising u can do that in your garden Yes of course there are people with degree but still ignorant. I sense u must be a good axample of such people

  13. Kkkkkkk Atupele is Bakili son, so it can’t b possible for government to go on with corruption case yet his baby is in cabinet! Whoever did it, has no brains! It doesn’t matter to us!

  14. Oooh! here we go again, more awards and recognition for the president while people are starving. The international community and the citizens have different parameters of measuring success and failure.

  15. This was what Bakili did back in the days he took Bingu wamuthalika into his party and the same thing z happening again peter took atupele in and u will c the results….

  16. Boma loyendesedwa ndi zolembedwa pamapepala osati zooneka ndi maso.


    #ulova ndikupangisa kuti malawi ikhale dziko losaukisisa…… Ndizimene Akuyamikilidwa nazo.

  17. Mzungu Ndimbola Bad Amangochemelera Zilizonse Ngakhale Chisankho Chitabeledwa Muzamva Kuti Chaenda Bwino, Ine Azungu Ndinataya Nawo Trust

  18. Agalu okhaokha kumvekana uchtsru, Nosense award, people here r struggleling in dea evday lyf, [email protected] Dog is evenly failing 2gv malawians water, food, electricity jst afew, Foolish americas, y cant u do some investgation b4 u award yo senseless honourary? Peteryo galu inuso agalu (u r dogs)

  19. Kodi Akamapeleka Zimaulemu Zaozo Amakhala Kumalawi Kuno Atafikamo Kapena Bwaji Zopusa Bac.Munthu Watilephela Amalawi Ndee Inu Ndikubwabwana Kwanuko Mukupeleka Maulemu Zazii.Apo Nde Mwawapasa Ntcho A Mbc/dpp Tv Anyasepo A Malawi,there Z Thnng Gd In Mw Zoti Mpakana Wina Azikalandira Maulemu Zachani,

  20. A Malawi nsanje too much, instead of saying Mr president cogrts for de 2 awards in a week. Mutikozereso so ……… . … And so ………. Ai kukhalira kunyoza basi! After kunyoza kumati Malawi is a God fearing nation. Mmmmmmm mulungu wake utio? Zabwino aziona akunja eni ake ai basi kutukwana. No wonder we r de poorest in de world.

    1. Which country you have ever hear that a member from opposition party has been appointed as a cabinet minister? This is politics bro understand it kikkkk so much meanings you can get from Atupele’s appointment

  21. mmalawi sazatheka ngopotoka azakhalabe opotoka mpaka yesu abwere, akadakha aja #azungu akuti kapena awo aja akwanuwa ndiye mukadayamikira, kuendesa dziko chimozimozi kuendesa #banja lero nkhwani bonongwe zikaenda #nyama, mufuna mundiuze kut award yo yaperekedwa kwa munthu olakwika? magesi madzi chisakhale chitonzo kwa president, ose ogwila ntchito m boma sia dpp , ogwira ntchito ku escom,water board ose sia dpp, paliena azipani zina amachita zinthu zo4ira kuzimisa magesi mwadala pofuna kuipisa mbiri yachipani cholamula komanso president, zala zingopita kwa pitala ,pitala wazimisa magesi madzi, kulankhula kosakhala bwino kumeneko,

  22. ndakhulupilirad kut azungu amasangalala anthu akuda tikamavutika, or akadasankhaso JB koma ngat kayendetsedwe kake mkukhala kameneka panalibe chifukwa chot mkuyamikira, mwinatu azunguwa akumuyamikira kt walanditsa nyanja eti??

  23. had it been kuti chelsea inali sereous kumbuyo kuja game ya dzulo ija tinayiphula basi..but anyway thanks for being honored again in one week period..Mr president..

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