‘JB regime tried to kill me’ – Mutharika

Peter Mutharika

Malawi President Peter Mutharika has claimed that former President Joyce Banda and her People’s Party (PP) administration tried to kill him when he was in opposition.

Mutharika made the claims after receiving the African Leadership Award on 22 September in New York.

In his acceptance speech, Mutharika took time to recount the challenges he has gone through to become the leader he is today.

The Malawi leader said when former President Joyce Banda took over the reigns of power, his life was threatened as he was earmarked either for the graveyard or prison.

Banda has overtime denied the accusations she wanted to get rid of Mutharika.

”I took over the leadership to my political party soon after the death of my brother Professor Bingu wa Mutharika who mysteriously died while serving as the state president of Malawi.

Peter Mutharika
Peter Mutharika: I was heading to graveyard or jail.

“In the two years we were in opposition, I was earmarked either for the graveyard or prison. Every criminal accusations was made and every attempt on life was tried,” he said

The Malawi leader however said he will not revenge the former president now that he is power.

Mutharika also narrated the story of how he took over power during the 2014 tripartite elections. He said he came into leadership in the most dramatic elections in modern African democracy.

“My predecessors tried to frustrate the elections and prevent me from being sworn in using every means available,” he said. “In fact my predecessor refused to hand over power to me.”

Mutharika also reiterated how he took power and the way he found the country. He said he found the country bankrupt after it suffered the plundering of resources called cashgate which led to suspension of aid by donors.

But he claimed that the country has learnt the hard way since government is managing to implement programs within its means.

Mutharika was arrested for treason in 2012.

He and six others who were accused of a coup plot and intending to rape the constitution to prevent the then Vice President Joyce Banda from taking over after President Bingu wa Mutharika’s death on April 5 2012.

On April 6 at midnight, Mutharika who was leading the opposition DPP and six other ministers reportedly spearheaded by former Information Minister Patricia Kaliati held a live news conference to argue that the then former President Banda was ineligible to succeed because she was no longer a member of the ruling party.

Joyce Banda
Banda has kept clearing her name.

At the press conference, the six ministers Patricia Kaliati now Minister of Information and Civic Education, Culture and Community Development, Jean Kalilani who serves as Minister of Gender, Children, Disability and Social Welfare.

The then Sports Minister Simon Vuwa Kaunda who is now Presidential Advisor on National Unity, Henry Mussa who is currently Minister of Labour, Sports, Youth and Manpower Development, the then Deputy Minister in the President’s Office Nicholas Dausi and Kondwani Nankhumwa who is Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, acted as if the President was still alive.

It transpired that this was an attempt to buy time on their wish to have the President’s brother, Peter Mutharika succeed illegally.

The Malawi Constitution in section 91 (1) states that “No person holding the office of President or performing the functions of President may be sued in any civil proceedings but the office of President shall not be immune to orders of the courts concerning rights and duties this Constitution”.

The case was later dropped when he attained the presidency immunity having won the polls defeating Banda and other candidates in 2014 but the case was still understandably on for the rest.

Additional reporting by Joseph Dumbula.



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  4. I wish she could just kill him cos we tired now how come a president to point some one instead of giving us development , look there’s alot of Malawian in south Africa to find there better life ending up xenomophobia so as a president u must create job for the youth to prevent your people going outside of ur country shit

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  6. Ndiye popeza inuyo mwatero basi but sometimes is better to think before u do anything because now its look like your wasting your time to complain instead of doing your job

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  11. Even your brother regime tried to kill JB. So stop making nonsense noise just focus on the critical issues that is affecting my beloved country other than this…

  12. Mr president how many people were killed by your fellow politicians? If you survived go to your room and thank God rather than trying to buy people’s sympathy. Sizikuyenda nziko muno if you were told by your so called advisors let them help you to build this country by giving you proper advise not helping you to fight your enemies your enemies will never get tired so you will be like chasing wind

  13. John longwe the man who gave mtambo 50million to persecute kasambara,the same man who killed tenthani and albinos,mbendera,the same man who steam 577billion kwacha,the same man who insulted t.b joshua and bushiri his days are numbered.

  14. The same man raped the Malawi government constitution right not to allow JB to take power as his Patrick Phiri died.
    The same man rigged votes and burn the election warehouse stores.
    The same man who fails to resolve the lake disputes with Tanganyika.
    The same man who has made Malawians life miserable
    The same man who fails to govern Malawi to its accountability.
    The same man who plunders the Malawi’s economy with his late Bingu.
    Storing bank notes in state house.
    The same man who silenced all vocal Malawians on transparency.
    The same man who harbours cash gate Ministers and MPs.
    The same man who divided Malawi as his Llomwe tribe is genuine amongst all.
    The same man who fails to support university fees hike.
    The same man who came to Malawi with only hungry for leadership but no vision.
    The same man who divides opposition politics for his party’s gain
    Come on man, leave JB alone, hands off JB!

  15. True Mr President she killed ur brother Bingu and you were the next target. She wanted to wipe off the Mutharika family .She tried to use so called men of god to get rid of you sir but god the most powerful spirital being said no not this time. Even her supporters sir wanted you dead shame to them all shame to to devil they worship.

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  17. Brother David and Others, you should know that there is no political party without killings. They are the same people. If some one is giving them bzy they do talk with him/her amicably. If he/she accerting giving bzy the party amamuseka pakamwa ndi ndalama. Ngati sakusiya amayamba kumuopsyeza. Akupitilizabe amatha kumuphadi ndiye andale amenewo ntchito zawo kuba, kuyambanisa, maboza ndi kupha adani awo

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  19. Mr President, dat won’t help us! Say constructive things dat would help Malawi as a nation! The things dat would bring change to e poor of e poorest, n e poorest of poor! You better tell us hw your govt z planning to end ds electricity prblm, rather dat telling us e things dat would nt even bring any change to us! We r tired of dat Mr President!

  20. chitsiru chopanda mano mkamwa ichi, instead of finding solutions to our water and electricity woes he is wasting time on nonsense. who doesnt know that this idiot wanted to take over government from the back door wen his dictator brother died?

  21. Mr President ur tired ,,,,and we too we r tired ov your fuck up,,,who want to kill you? Your mouth some time is full ov nosense dn’t you think.. Malawi now is in fire because you politicians ,,,,,insteady ov helping people u ‘ r taiking shit ,,

  22. lol thats a blue lie nigga APM stop tellin the voters history n lies just to bring sympathy its high tym to think n plan how u can u can adress problems Millions of M-dubs r facing not zaku mtchini kwazazazo n leave that ur predecessor alone #Zaukavuwevuwe basi!!

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  26. so what is our business ooh also are u scared to die? make things right force the escom people to solve their problems about eletricity first she will never tried to kill you again

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  28. Kkkkk mthalika is not satisfied with his position as a President. What else do you want Sir thought it was for a state house now you are a head of state come on….. Busy with Joice Banda mavuto Ali phwiiii stop the crap!!

  29. Instead of addressing the problem even more than crisis Malawi facing today busy talking absolutely nonsense. This is a failure state. JB was far better than you his Excellency

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  35. Perhaps yes! Bt Atupere also at one point arrestd,under ur brothers regime…meaning bingu wanted tu kill him?barre the pass mr president & protect us from this argoney we are tussle in.can those alligation mean anything..zachikape

  36. Stop the blame game and concentrate on important issues. There’s electricity and hunger in the country, yet you are busy talking nonsense. Running the country is not a joke. What were you thinking when you stole the elections?

  37. Zazi wadya chamba pitalayo,M’malo molongosola kulandidwa kwanyanja yathu nditanzania kulongosola izi Mxm zachamba

  38. The truth is that peter mutharika is a dull professor who has worked for over 40 years in his career as a lawyer and has not learnt anything about leadership. If peter was a wise professor he could have sacrificed living in one state house in Lilongwe and close the other presidential houses in the country thereby saving billions of kwacha. Those billions of kwacha he could have used to buy new electric equipment to add to what ESCOM already has and in the process he could have solved the blackouts crisis. But just as I said he is a dull professor and unwise leader.

  39. If we can go for election just now malawians can vote for you ? I feel pain when malawians suffers black out ,due to poor electricity,seeing my old pple dieng wth hunger,no food in admark ,going up of food in shops and sugar plus wanter as if is from USA.

  40. As matter of fact ur the one planed to kill me A day before i become president . But God ddnt allow you to do it . Can u use ur tongue to count ur teeth before u accuse madam bandah.? The more you lie abt me prof peter mutharika is the more u fail .think.

  41. Fix electricity leave JB alone we will not judge by how many time she nearly assassinated you but you would have done by 2019

  42. A peter kumangobwebwetuka za ziiiiii,, osangonena kuti palibe chomwe mukuchitha? Kodi ndi ufumu umenewu oti akulu anu kutisiya basi inu mwatenga his throne?????

  43. I dnt think that mr president ur nomore becz u ws free man ,if my pp ws to kill u ,answer me u ws even using minbuses as part of cerebrating my government of security .wthout boadguard u ws able to visit ndata ,hw come u dnt want to say thank you to JB.

  44. Yah thats gud,its better mai joyce banda she gonna do so,its better she gonna kill u and what is defferent between u arrive and dead? There is no defferemt,akuphe kumene and ndipo bolani akanakupha and ndikanakhala ndi foni namba ya JB ndikanamuyimbile kut go on asalephele apange zomwezo apitilize mission akupeni kumene mwina dziko lamalawi lukhoza kukhala patendele njala ndikuzimazima kwamagesi (zikusiyana pati kundende ndikunja kuno by lucius banda)

    1. Ukuona ngat president angachoke kwaoko kuzakuthandiza iweyo gwilan ntchto man mulungu azadalitsa osat zomadikila thandizo la munthu wina muchedwatu

  45. What we know z u n ur late bro bingo wanted to assassinate JB wen u dismissed her from spp webby her convoy involved in accident in lilongwe.Mr president u r now speeking rubbish with due respect stop speeking no sense on public coz we r tired of u.NB 2019 we r removing u by vote not any other way.we want young man with millions in dollars who z based in southafrica to run Malawi successfully not ur rubbish government.frankly speeking life z too hard in Malawi coz of it government .

  46. That’s not what people are interested to hear sir. People want to see what ur government is doing to improve people’s lives. Don’t we all know how u guys are good at inventing stories to tarnish those who are not with u? We know this game of pointing fingers at others. U do that to buy our sympathy as well as diverting people’s attention from the real issues. Now Mr. President, the people of Malawi are no fools, get to work man!

  47. Ee Mr.President ndimesa nkulu wanu malemu uja ankati,”Bugdet first”.Nanga iwe ukut bwa? Ngati mwakanika m’bale sizokakamiza izi mukupwetekesa ntundu wanga.

  48. koma Malawi adzachenjela ? anthu akuluakulu akungokangano ngati ana nanga ana angawalangize ndindani . Ambuye atithandize now Malawi is a poorest nation in the world and also is on top 10 most HIV nations in the world. Chimandidabwitsa ndichakuti Malawi ndi dziko lodzala ndi miyala yamtengo wapatali koma lopanda okumba, dziko lodzala ndi mafuta munyanja yake koma losowa opopa, dziko la nthaka yabwino koma ulimi wake ndiomweuja wa chimanga kodi tidziti ku Malawi kuno chikusowa ndi mzule kapena umodzi?. a Malawi tilibe chifukwa chomapephetsa zose tikhoza kupanga tokha. William Kakwamba ndi wakuMalawi koma Malawi sangatengepo mzelu yopanga mangetse amitundu ingapo. Felix kambwili atapanga helicopter mudaitana azungu kuti adzaione musadaiyese kodi mudaiwala zomwe adamupanga John Chilembwe atamuuza kuti ayike belu lake pamoto. azungusotu amatichitila msanje tikakhala ndizabwino. kodi tidzakhala zitsilu mpaka liti?. anthu amzelu amachotsedwa kwathu kuno akugwitsidwa zintchito mayiko azungu ndikumatukuka chifukwa chakupusa kwathu. Ndife olephela chifukwa sitigwilizana, nanga choncho kumakanenezana kunjako satelo ayi. A president simudaonetse chitsazo chabwino mudzikhululuka ngati ndinu christu. Zinthu zikakuvutani mudziyeselako kufusa anthu ngati ali ndimzelu yothandiza. timadziwa kuti ndinu ophuzila koma munthu ndi munthu zina amalephela. A Malawi ambili ndi amzelu koma vuto ndiloti azitsogoleli athunu simuvomekeza kuti zakukanikani simufuna thandizo la amzanu. Mumangothamangila mayiko akunja kukapepha ndalama, kodi simudziwa kuti ndalama sithetsa mavuto ose??. Mudziyesako kufusa anthu ena osati omweomwewo enawo amangokuvomekezani chifukwa muli ndindalama koma inafe timayendeka payelepayele chilungamo chioneke. Mphawi ndi wachuma asamawasiyanitsa bola wanena zothandizayo ndi zomwe zimafunika kuzigwilitsa ntchito.

  49. Fuck you Peter
    You don’t care about the problems but always talking about the past year what fuck are you talking about?
    If they wanted to kill you why today you are still alive ,
    Damn gogo

  50. hahahahahah,,,kkkkkkkkk,,,ppo ar crying kut petr is failing,,guys azibambo or inuyo ngat mukukanika kupeza dollar yot mugulire ,ufa,ndiwo,zovala is that Petr Muntharika,,,muntharika is ruling good,,inuyo ndine tiyeni tilimbike ntchito titukule miyoyo yathu,,not bas claimng on govt thas useless,mayiko mmachemelera kuphulaeo,,ma policy amene anapanga develop kut muwamve yu will be saying he is evil

  51. Joyce Banda tried to kill you?Have u forgotten wat happned on july 20’2011?Who killed those 20 innocent malawians when they protested against the Dpp’s admn?Alot of brutal killings hapned under bingu & the dpp’s admn,have we forgotten?Pp and jb just tried to kill u sir,bt the Dpp killed,u see the difference!!,the dpp’s leadership,wil stand trial,come judgement day,

  52. Malawians I think we forget too soon that’s why our country doesn’t progress.we can put the blame on the now president,but we forget how all these shit started in our country.can we get back to our memories and remember how things started getting worse?.i don’t belong to any political party,am just a citizen of malawi who believes that if we can work together despite our political and religious background,our country can easily progress and we stop talking all these shit.how much have you done to show that you are pissedoff when muluzi and Joyce banda were presidents?.does you people hate the mutharika family coz they are the minority considering that you are the majority?.what about cashgate,what about the stupid education that came in during muluzi era,what about the privatisation of the well known companies that our country had during the Hastings kamuzu banda,and were only privatised by your so called a chair?.malawians,we should be so stupid because we as voters,we have contributed much to the fall of our beloved country.pointing a finger and insulting our very own country president does not change the situation in our country.billions of money were wasted during the muluzi era,we saw the birth of several company that were associated to the. President(muluzi),we also saw dozens of companies being closed because of poor management,but nothing much showed up from you the people that you think you better than the president.joyce banda government was the worst government,coz money laundering become a habit to almost every senior government officials. How does cashgate become popular,and in whose government?.were you there,what did you do in a such scenerios?.we malawians are the main problem to the problems we face every day,hatred,regionalism,tribalism and luck of tolerance is what brings us poverty.good bless malawi.

    1. Muludzi was savage but ppl had money but now busy destroying aritle ppl had through serring in markets ur busy putting down so that everyone must be in deep trouble

    2. What does this man want to say here?People are just expressing their views and period.If u are for Peter then fine and good but to say the truth and shame the devil,this government has failed us and we don’t need to give examples.Everything is visible and even those outside are able to know what is on the ground.Vividly things are worse and madalawa atilephera basi.

    3. Hahaha,ok views by putting blame on one person who has inherited the already fallen country from the previous government,from its just ridiculous. Because we both knew how our government fund it’s activities, much of the money that government run its activities comes from donors,we have witnessed donors money being used for personal gains in the muluzi administration Joyce banda, yes some one said no need of giving examples,but I just did that. So that people we need to understand that the president can’t alone make progress if he is being dragged back.lets stop having backward thoughts,if it is like that then we have to blame ourselves by bringing multiparty.everything changed when we brought multiparty in our country.almost all leaders from 1994 up to 2016,has been blamed for not doing enough to transform our country and it’s people.so tell me,how do you make food if you don’t have food in your house?.most of the companies that before were for the government,were privatised by muluzi and thousands of people who were working in those companies became jobless,up to this time most of them never had a job in multiparty government coz nothing much has been created. Every government got its own excuses when it comes to developing the country.establishing something that were already there and someone scraped it,is not a joke because it needs a lot of funding of which waste much of future developments.you don’t repeat doing same thing,you have to follow the time and the financial enviroment.i strongly stand blame and hate the muluzi for destroying the companies that doctor hastings kamuzu banda built in his era.i strongly believe that if those companies were still existing up to this time,malawi would have gone far in terms of development coz both 65 companies were able to to employe people and the companies were contributing to the economy of our country.history matters most because we can learn some good things and avoid mistakes as we progress in our lives.so who is who?.

    4. This gvt has total missed his direction no matter you can talk and defending urself things are going worse and worse. Maybe to those who hv got no eyes can appreciate.

    5. Was there persistent blackouts during jb era my good friend? how did jb adressed the issue acute hunger in the country..u kno that atleast she tried ,,,by the way do you kno that civil servants nowadays get their salaries on 45 not during jb people were getting their salaries on 20 latest imakhala 25 aise…dont be sentimental

    6. Those who are saying jb era there was no persistent blaxk out u a liar gyz amalawi sitichedwa kuiwala,mavuto wabweretsa peter ndiati?limbikani maganyuwo xinthu xisintha pakhomo panu,ena dxiko lomwe mukt peter wabweretsa mavutolo akusangalala kwambiri,ndiye mudxifunse,kt chifukwa chani ine ndikuvutika ena momuno akusangalala

    7. Ok so should we say that Peter wasn’t aware of the mess that was already spread in Government? ?
      If he was aware then why did he move up and around this country campaigning for his DPP vowing to bring change for the betterment of all Malawians??
      Wasn’t he a minister during his late brother’s regime that he could see the challenges this Malawi frequently faces?

    8. Hahahaaa,it makes me laugh coz it sounds so funny here,you people do you really recall how things started going wrong?.if any one can give me the right,i may start thinking that there is people who does understand about our country’s situation.keep posting,like that.

  53. Peter is a coward and according to shakespear cowards die many times before their actual death. Take JB and APM in the ring. With a scuff intact on her neck, she marches forward and connects with an uppercut to his head, down goes APM, she dashes forward and sits on his chest, takes a glass of wine while seated on his chest. KO end of contest.

  54. Kkkkk koma guys apresident wa amaziwa kut anthu ma comment anu ali chonchi komadi mukulu uyu anthu sakumufunadi ndithu

  55. bwaa nkhani mukukambayo yopanda zeru mavuto ose Ali Ku Malawi kunowa ungamatiwuze nkhani Yolanda zeru ngati imeneyo ikadzakwana nthawi dzafa ndithu

  56. Lataniso dziko langa. lomwe muli anthu omwe ndimamvana nawo chinenelo. koma Malawi adzachenjela ? dziko la mkaka ndi uchi. lidakhala la njala ndi njuchi. anthu akuluakulu akungokangano ngati ana nanga ana angawalangize ndindani . Ambuye tithandizeni. dziko lodzala ndi miyala yamtengo wapatali koma lopanda okumba, dziko lodzala ndi mafuta munyanja yake koma losowa opopa, dziko la nthaka yabwino koma ulimi wake ndiomweuja wa chimanga. a Malawi tilibe chifukwa chomapephetsa zose tikhoza kupanga tokha. William the windmill ndi wakuMalawi koma Malawi sangatengepo mzelu yopanga mangetse amitundu ingapo. Felix kambwili atapanga helicopter mudaitana azungu kuti adzaione musadaiyese kodi mudaiwala zomwe adamupanga John Chilembwe atamuuza kuti ayike belu lake pamoto. Nawosotu azungu amatichitila msanje tikakhala ndizabwino. kodi tidzakhala zitsilu mpaka liti? anthu amzelu amachotsedwa kwathu kuno akugwitsidwa zintchito mayiko azungu ndikumatukuka chifukwa chakupusa kwathu. Ndife olephela chifukwa sitigwilizana nanga choncho kumakanenezana kunjako satelo ayi. A president simudaonetse chitsazo chabwino mudzikhululuka ngati ndinu christu. Zinthu zikakuvutani mudziyeselako kufusa anthu kuti alindimzelu ndindani yoti ikhoza kuthandiza. Malawi ambili ndi amzelu or koma vuto ndiloti azitsogoleli athunu simuvomekeza kuti zakukanikani simukufuna thandizo la amzanu. Mumangothamangila mayiko akunja kukapepha ndalama, kodi simudziwa kuti ndalama sithetsa vuto koma mzelu imakwanitsa? Kukhala ndi banja losangalala sichuma koma kuliyendetsa bwino banjalo.

  57. nde anakulephera kukuphako?? kodi inu a DPP muja mumkammanga Bakili Muluzi muja kodi kunali kufuna kumupha???? munayamba ndinu kufuna kumupha JB. sitinaiwale munatuma anthu kuti akagunde covoy ya JB kuti akaima mumuombere nde apa mukuti chani??? malawian we are not a Fool. …ngati ukufuna kufa ifa tatopa nawenso kale mxoiiiii

  58. Munthu ukamakalamba mkumatha mano mkamwa umachepad nzeru, mkulukuluwe ungamauze azungu mbwerera zake zmenezo? Ufuna award ina? Nanuso azlangizi apresdent muzimuuza zamzeru zot angamauze anthu bwampini wanuyo, nanga apa zamzeru, mimba zanu nonse.

  59. Its Dude Its A Lier Haaah Zona Munthu Wakulu Lyk Hm Kumauza Azugu Zopanda Mcherezo Kma Guyz Ndichani Kma,akugofuna Anthu Azimumvela Chisoni Nde Akunama2 Cz Timumatcha Koopsaa

  60. Amene mukulalatanu dziwani kuti lnuyo pamodzi ndimakolo anu President wanu ngakhale pamene mukukhala akulamulira ndiiye penapake kumayamika amalawi kupanda gulu la Munthalika anakakonza Lilongwe ndindani taonani miseu panopa munthu sangakhale 100% koma zabwino tidziyamika

  61. Nkhani ya JB .Mavuto ali thoo dziko lino koma mukuchedwa ndi nkhani zopanda pake.A good presedent amakhala ndi vision .Amayakhula zomwe mawa awachitire athu ake.Koma awa nkhani zakalekale .Manyi akale sanukha .kapena kuti kanda pako pa mzako panukha.

  62. Ndipo chosaziwa akanachita bwino kwambili.sitimadziwa kuti ndi manyaka otelewa.poti inu munapha chasowa,raphael tenthani,maxon mbendera.mimoto nde yosayamba,xul ma university anzeru onse ali ku mudzi,ben phirii monde ma unima waikamo ana abale ake.ana anduna zonsee zili ma unima koma mitu nzeru mulibe.angokwela magalimoto a 577billion townimu.angongoliwa ndi awo atchona ku u.s.a. Kususa za misonkho yathu.ma lawyer anzeru mukuwaseka kukamwa powamanga.komatu zikatembenuka musati ndi nkhaza.mtundu wa anthu oipa inu.

    1. Munthuyu alibe nzerudi unayenera kufa kumene iweyo ndiwe munthu anthu 20 aja anapha m’bale wako zinali zinyama?Moto ukukudikira udzafa imfa yowawa

    2. Munthuyu alibe nzerudi unayenera kufa kumene iweyo ndiwe munthu anthu 20 aja anapha m’bale wako zinali zinyama?Moto ukukudikira udzafa imfa yowawa

  63. Pitala wayamaba kapeni akuuza azungu amvekere jb amafuna kundipha kkkkkkk umaona ngati ifa ndi chezo.mmalo monena za umodzi mdziko kapena za uphawi kusowa kwa ntchito maphunziro abwera mbuyo mkungo khalira ndale kusowa kwa chitetezo njara kuwa kwa ndalama

  64. Pitala, would you shut tha fuck up? Give us Electricity daily, give us water all day, furnish our hospitals with drugs. Make this country secure and curb corruption. Other than this, shut your stinking ass mouth.

    1. Kkkkkkk koma u mphawi ndi vuto kwabasi umakulankhulitsa zamkutu ngati ulankhulazi unakaphunzira sibwenzi ulankhula zopusazi

    2. Iwe Gravel uzilankhula bwino sukudziwa yemwe ukunyoza kumati osaphunzirayo ndiyemwe anawayika ophunzira pampando mkumazunza anthu nanga nchifukwa chani samenena kuti osaphunzila asamavote? we don’t need selfish pple lyk u and ur fucken Peter Muthalika, fuck u! Fuck Muthalika and u motherfucken mamas!

  65. kuyakhula mopusa guys nose mukanakhala inu simukanakambapo eeee amafuna amuphe koma mulungu anagonjetsa chilombo cha madzi kkkkkk jb wanuo azafa ifa yowawa zeedi aaaa athu oipa inu alakhule za bwino muti ai ine sindikusiani nose asatana inu a pp mulibe dzeru ameneo ndi prophessor weniweni enanu olo mutatokota mulibe kalikose ngati nzungu anamuza jb kuti asalimbane ndi muthu wophunzira mwa iye muli uloyaa mutukwana mutopa mwakhuta lalatani ine ndili pa mbuo pa (DPP) sindizathawa olo mutandiponya ku 666, wooooooh

  66. @Kasolipindula Madzi Mutharika is 100% the very people who are set buildings ablaze,killing whites,burning markets @ Lilongwe and burning people alive wanted to kill him.we have people celebrating these activities stop blaming the President for all these messes
    You are sabotaging the gvt.God will curse all those who are throwing spanners.

    1. cant nina abantu wa semalawi,niyafana nalawa wasonta zion,wangamchele mfundisi mara wapuziswa i tea ingana shugela,wavuma wati i shap,siiiis,ningayenze njwalo niyasafara kakhulu mara ausakwaze kumchela loo u APM, alungise izinthu zishupazo

    2. Palibe zazii apa its the truth.mutipasa manyazi inu anthu usauka burning the little the country has and blame it on mutharika.shame on you.We can not support that nosense.Late Mutharika do his job dont throw stones on his way.The world will not keep quiet and watch you destroy that country burning buildings,killing people calling them thieves,How many times have you stolen yourself? You stole more than the guy you are burning! Stop that nonsense you povert stricken Nyasa people!

    3. Kkkkkkk asowa mtengo wogwira, aaaa bola akulandira maulemu wochita kugulawo! Alibe problem mesa? Koma zitete ndi mbewa zipezeka, ? Sinanga boma lalephera kugula chimanga ku Ucraine,
      This government is a total mess!

    4. The gvt is not a mess, you people are the mess because you are fond of relying on aid money.Where will the gvt get the finance when you dont have mines,you dont have industry,You are busy destroying estates,killing tourist where do you thinking the money is going to come from? The IMF rated you the poorest in the world.So muribe manyazi nazo shame on you! Amalawi ndimwe vhibanthu vha chabe chabe!

    5. #Weeklee Mwale. I see and feel sarcasm in ur comments against those commenting not in favor of the government. Well, even the most dull person can see that the current regime has completely lost direction. Groaning about the mess they inherited from the previous regime isn’t holding any water because that’s exactly what they were voted for into government to fix the said mess. So what did they expect, to inherit the paradise? No need to act surprised, get to work and deliver. When u marry a divorced wife, don’t waste time blaming the previous husband of his failures to take care of the woman, just get to work urself, provide everything for the wife and make her a beautiful lady again

    6. @weeklee Mwale. For ur own info, Malawians are the most hard working people, they do not entirely rely on aid money, if anything it is the leadership style that fails Malawians. On money aid that the donor community has suspended it’s donations to Malawi, its because they have lost trust in the current administration because of it’s lack of discipline on corruption. The donor community has not suspended it’s money aid to Malawi not because Lilongwe market was gutted buy fire a few days ago neither is it because some communities carry out mob justice on some suspects or that because a white tourist was killed. If there is a suspension of monetary aid to Malawi its because of the rampant corruption in government. By the way if the burnt down of Lilongwe market is politically motivated let the police work and the courts pass on judgment otherwise u can’t build a case basing on speculations. #weeklee mwale, u sound not a Malawian, if u don’t know nothing just shut up.

    7. musiyeni uyo salinso kuno sazavotaso nde asakutayitseni tym alibe ndi watch yomwe mxieww kaya pitala ndi ankolo ako kwanu komko but here we are tired with him iyaaa

    8. @K M’baya We are living in a democratic dispensation where there is an allowance of free flow of ideas and reason.My concern is not on supporting any political affiliation hear me well bro.Its the culture of killings and burning which has manifested itself on a once peaceful country.Malawi is known for its unity peace and traquility! This culture has taken an about turn and the once warm heart of Africa has been turned into slaughter house.My advise is its better to have peace among the Malawian people than to have a country at war against itself.Stop the killings!

    9. @ Duma Chirwa,Ada mukambanji ini ndituwacha kuZimbabwe kwidhu tituwa kunyanja! Do me a favour people are free to support a party which they like.Stop burning buildings and markets they belong to Malawi.When you burn and kill its Malawi as country which suffers not a political party.

    10. @ Mwazani william thats true i wont vote but the spirit of those people you are burning will vote! As for me I will support the winner! I wont throw stones and bootles in his way. Bambo william a watch costs $5.As a brother i can buy you one,considering that we are not fighting but discussing problems affecting our beloved country!

  67. Madala kambani zina sizimenezo tikufuna kumva kuchoka kwa inu madala ai mwinatu zikukuvutanibe mufikanazo kuti izi nangaso munthu wa mai ndinu amene aaaaaaaaaaaa

  68. Mr przdnt malo mokamba mavuto ur pointng finger to JB that she wanted to kill u kkkkk! I was lstng to ur speech last nyt and ndidamva mukunena kuti former army commander wanted to take over the govt koma thats nt 2. plz we r tired of accusing JB. ngati mwalephera just step down iyaaa

  69. Koma anthu amalira ndimapresident muno muafrica eish kumva dziko ili people are crying Malawi nde hiiii nanji koma come pachisankho upeza amene amanenedwayo wawinanso overwhelmingly nde ine ndimazifunsa nanga anthu aja amalira ali kuti osamuchotsa ndivoti ndendinadziwano amene amalira kwambiri ndi a opposition ngakhale atapanga chabwino iwo amapezabe chifukwa

    1. Upite kuli msonkhano wapresident ukawona khwimbi ndeuzifunse awanso amalira nawo even in Zimbabwe amene akubangula kwambiri ndia opposition with an aim to pull him down so in malawi

    2. bodza limenelo even here in Thyolo pple are struggling with life njala anthu akuvutika nayo olamula amene.Being wa DPP doesn’t mean u have food kapena magetsi nyumba yako sazima nooo think wisely be4 u comment am out

    3. Kukhala ku thyolo sikuti ndiwe wa Dpp otsutsa alikomweko njala inaliko ilipo komanso izakhalako uncertainities muchizungu remember palibe president angakondwe mdziko lake mkhale njala kma poti palibe amalamumulira mvula

  70. Dnt worry about useless things fix yo Country MR yo people are suffuring becouse of yo greed corruption selfish ,I realy wish all Corrupt African president to burn in hell ,the people who voted for them to be in power are suffuring while they having nice life and their families that’s bullshit that realy need to stop in our Continent

  71. He is jus trying to shield samthing..JB knows too much..the president is jus afraid..kkkkk..one day the truth shall prevail..

  72. Ngati mulibe chonena ku mtundu wa malawi bwanji osangokhala chete, mwalephera kupempha mkamwa mwa anthu bwaa, ndimayesa ndinuyo amene mumamfuna jb

  73. Ngati mafilimu opemphera chithandizo akutherani kumeneko ‘MOYA’,musalowe ndi ya JB.Inu munali konko zaka kaya ndi 40,mnzanunso musiyeni awupeze,kkkk!

  74. Ngati mafilimu opemphera chithandizo akutherani kumeneko ‘MOYA’,musalowe ndi ya JB.Inu munali konko zaka kaya ndi 40,mnzanunso musiyeni awupeze,kkkk!

  75. Ngati mafilimu opemphera chithandizo akutherani kumeneko ‘MOYA’,musalowe ndi ya JB.Inu munali konko zaka kaya ndi 40,mnzanunso musiyeni awupeze,kkkk!

  76. what a stupid president i have, is this best speech he prepared to let know all the fellow leaders in that executive conference? shame!

  77. This is why Peter Mutharika is failing to address the many problems affecting Malawians. Very few believe this. If there is evidence let our courts deal with it. Where there is evidence people suspected can be extradited to face trial. We want to know what he is doing to end these debilitating blackouts that are getting worse everyday and inflation of nearly 24% that is making it hard for the majority of ordinary Malawians on fixed incomes to afford basic necessities of life.


  79. Kape iwe olo utasowa sitingaku dwale timafila ng.ono wako una mupha uja ndiwa nzelu kunjala sitimalila iwe ndizoba mpando wako ndiwa magazi iwe ndinkani zimakukanika kape iwe olo JB atakwanitsa ngati tija ana npanga mafunyeta zija atapangaso iwe tikhoza kusangalala nditha kupha sound week yose ino kuti mpasa tayalula malawi wadzuka

    1. Iweo nde zoba! Munthu wabwino ngati ameneo nkumadananae! Umbuli ndiumene wakuvuta iweo kape, umafuna atakumangira nyumba kuti wakhale wabwino kwaiwe?? Ndiwe mbuli yothera2! Hehehede!!!! Kaya zako izo ndiumbuli wako, kkkkkkkkkkokkkkk

  80. so what? are u dead nigga? Wi are experiencing problems here!! isnt it ur job to take care of them??!! Yo Peter no disrespect but it would be better if u just do ur job n stop running ur mouth

    1. kkkkkkkkkk!! kma amalakwitsa anthuwa. wi ain stupid wi voted fo them! n bas angofuna azingoufila kumangodya dollar azilengerana midwedwe zikamawavuta…zausilu

    2. I agree with all of you. This so called president is very useless. Sure he is blaming his predecessors all the times! Hmm sure he is busy talking shit out there without shame? A Big Failure indeed!

    3. amachita kukhala ngat sanakhale USA mkulu ameneyu… chimidzi chimamupwetekabe kukhumbana bas ndkunama nzomwe amatha akuluwa. anyway Malawi tizachokamo mwayi uzakapezeka ths country ain shit no more

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