24 September 2016 Last updated at: 5:38 AM

Limbani Simenti takes “Gwada Upemphere” album launch to Lilongwe

Blantyre based Gospel music icon Limbani Simenti says all is set for his long awaited “Gwada Upemphere” album Launch scheduled to take place at Sheafer ICA Marque in Lilongwe on Sunday 25 September.

Speaking in an interview, Simenti said people in Lilongwe should expect an electrifying show that they can’t afford to miss.

“I will give them my best, am preparing very well and I know out of it, each one who will patronize the show will be blessed with my performance,” he said.

Limbani Simenti

Limbani Simenti heads to Lilongwe this Sunday.

Simenti said God has sent him to preach the gospel and during the show people will see the presence of the Lord.

The artist also launched the same album at Blantyre Cultural Centre and at Mlambe Motel in Balaka earlier this month.

“I had wonderful performances in Blantyre and Balaka, people came in large numbers to support me, I don’t take that for granted, I praise God for that and now am looking forward to see how people from  Lilongwe will welcome me”, Said Simenti.

Accompanying him in Lilongwe will be Favored Martha, Steve Muliya, Thoko Katimba, King James Phiri, Great Angels Choir, Neligo Women’s Choir, Zione Seven Banda, Peter Mulangeni, Kanengo Sweet Melodies and many others.

Slated to start at 12 noon, the show will attract an entry fee of K1,500 per head.

Simenti’s album was recorded by Joseph Tembo of Groove Magic and Dic Kankhunda of wakankhunda Multimedia. It has tracks like Tonthola, Bwanji Mulowelelepo, Alikuti Mama, Mulungu Wanthawi and Mbiya kwa Oyimba which are currently enjoying airplay in different local radio stations.

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