23 September 2016 Last updated at: 3:41 AM

Man murders granny who stopped him from raping child

A 28 year-old man in Kasungu district earlier this week murdered an 88 year-old woman who had stopped him from raping her ward.

The man Gift Chalera hit the woman, Elda Nabanda, with a metal bar and she died on the spot.

According to police in the district, Chalera went to the Nabanda’s house in Matako village in the district where he wanted to rape a girl who was living together with the woman.

Blood.“As he wanted to rape the child, the deceased saw him and she shouted for help. The screams attracted community members who apprehended the suspect,” Kasungu police spokesperson Edna Mzingwitsa said.

But the community members realized that the would-be rapist is related to the late old woman so they decided that the two will resolve the issue at family level.

On Monday the woman went to Chalera’s house to discuss the issue but upon seeing her, the suspect went in his house and came out with a metal bar which he used to kill her.

Members of the community were again alerted and this time they decided to kill the suspect but the police rushed to the village and rescued him.

Meanwhile, Chalera who comes from Matako village Traditional Authority Lukwa in Kasungu district will appear in court soon to answer murder charges.

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  • Ken M'baya says:

    The community was too slow, they could ve stoned the beast to death before the arrival of police

  • Double cases, rape n murder cases, demons @ wrk

  • Is This Possible? Just Imagining The Scene? Christ Ve Mercy.

  • Anthu Akukasungu Bwanji Koma Mwina Ndichidzimba Amafuna Alemele

  • wats wrong wth kasungu pipo? evr day its all about kasungu

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  • BOMA ILANGANEPO.. That man is evil. Infact the government must do someing over the same issue so that it could be a reason to others.

  • nkhani izi kaya zirikodi?

  • i think da man is possessed with evil spirits and he is a threat to da community pliz hang him as soon as possible

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