Malawi24 Upclose: meet Felistus Ngwira

Felistus Ngwira
Felistus Ngwira
Felistus Ngwira : Hits our Upclose this week.

Felistus Ngwira is a Malawian young lady with an inborn skill in hosting events. Her magic on stage is worth a holy grail besides a myriad presents of undisputed prestige. This week Malawi24 Upclose shines the spotlight on her.

Felistus is a third born child in a family of five girls who went to Watipasa Primary school in Ngabu, Chikhwawa. She did her Secondary education at Providence Secondary School in Mulanje. A holder of graduate diploma in Human Resource Management, she is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration degree at Exploits University.

Born and raised in a Christian family, Felistus worships at Church of Christ and Ambassadors of Christ ministries. She grew up under mentorship of loving parents who did the best they could to turn her dreams into reality. Her parents used to host events as such it is from them where she drew motivation to be an eloquent live events host.

Ngwira started speaking in front of audiences during her primary school days and she was proud to be a speaker that represented her school on many occasion. With her parents’ support the talent grew along with her that it helped her boost leadership skills bestowed upon her.

“My parents used to do this, they have been coaching me since my days in primary school. I have always been a speaker representing my school which also groomed me to be a leader. I can also say this is in me, being an MC defines me. It’s in my blood, but I still look up to my parents.”

Besides her parents, Miss Ngwira also look up to Stephan Ulaya and Mphatso Chikalipo as other people who contributed towards her art. She said they motivated her to take a giant step in events hosting.

Felistus Ngwira
Felistus Ngwira shares her story.

Felistus mastered time management techniques as she balances up education with work. She plies her trade with Ovation Advertising Agency as an events manager. She is also an events personnel for Miss Blantyre. This has always kept her busy and she is not bothered by the challenge.

The Lilongwe based lady has since the onset of her practical work hosted more than 15 major events. She admits she finds it hard to single out an occasion she considers much memorable having hosted many. As a case of cultural loyalty, she presents herself as a Malawian lady in front of the audience.

“I shall always carry the Malawi flag in everything I do, I always represent Malawi and am a very proud northerner,” she said.

Although she adores Malawi’s Mr 265 and the Nigerian duo of Uti and IK among others, she is an MC of her own class full of uniqueness in presentation. As such she cannot be confused with anyone.

When it comes to food the Tumbuka lady is a fan of anything as long as it is accompanied by a plate of chicken or eggplants. She likes travelling that she is hardly at home.

The stage heroine has a message to the youth. She says: “To all youths out there , I just want to encourage you to always stay positive, no one was born a failure and no man was born an adult, we learn from the errors and that should motivate us to keep going, don’t just be a star rather be a shooting star.”

She added that trusting in God should always be a prerequisite, learning from those people who have made it in life, and intensive reading of books should follow. She said it all begins with faith and confidence.

Felistus Ngwira is a host for both corporate and social events. Among the great functions she has ever hosted was the Miss Blantyre pre-launch show alongside Prince Carth last year. Her passion for hosting events prevailed over her other skills such as radio announcing and drama acting.



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