Malawi Bureau of Standards speaks tough over rotten food


The Malawi Bureau of Standards (MBS) has warned shop owners in the country against selling of rotten foods.

The development comes at a time when Malawians are bracing persistent blackouts that have seen businesses not running due to lack of power supply.

Davlin Chokazinga

Has sent the warning :Chokazinga

Among the businesses include shops that sell foods which require very low temperatures for them not to go bad.

MBS managing director Davlin Chokazinga has since advised shop owners in the country to dump all food items showing signs of going bad in their cold room.

Chokazinga added that the body is to take measures if shop owners are seen defying the order from MBS.

Concurring with MBS, Malawi’s health ministry said people are not supposed to take rotten foods as this puts lives at risk.

Following blackouts in the country some people are reported to have bought and eaten rotten foods from shops, a development that has led to health problems such as food poisoning.

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