20 September 2016 Last updated at: 7:35 AM

UN refugee agency in Malawi under fire

Dzaleka refugees have opted to take to the streets to expose misconducts by United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) officials in Malawi.

The refugees who are being led by Price Mangala are accusing the UNHCR officials of being corrupt in handling some issues at the camp.

Mangala disclosed that the officials, among others take in names of citizens from neighboring communities to benefit from donations meant for the refugees.

Dzaleka refugee camp

Refugees at Dzaleka camp go angry.

He also accused the officials of issuing threats to inmates at the camp for exposing their misconduct in distribution of food items.

The refugees have since served a notice to the Dowa District Commission, police, and the ministry of home affairs on the new development.

“Some children are being left behind when their parents have been offered resettlement abroad and the same applies to parents staying behind when their children have left to other countries and it is a serious issue to see children being separated with parents.

“The second issue is about our files which are missing and some refugees are facing a lot of challenges to access them,” said Mangala.

Meanwhile, UNHCR officials have not yet commented on the allegations made by the refugees at Dzaleka.

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