Sir Patricks starts new journey with “Khanda M’manja”

Sir Patricks

Malawi’s afro pop musician Sir Patricks says his journey as a solo artist has started well as he will soon release a single titled Khanda M’manja.

Speaking in an interview following his step out of Trap Squad days ago, the musician said he has started his solo career well and that is why he is to release Khanda M’manja as a sign that he can do music on his own.

“I have just finished working on my new single of which I want people to know that I was not hiding in the Trap Squad rather I am a mature artist who has potential to go to another level in the world of music without depending on anybody,” said Patricks.

Asked why he had to move out of Trap Squad, he said it is a normal thing for an artist to move out of a group because music is like a journey full of lessons and experiences so as a mature person one has to take a challenge to face new things.

Sir Patricks
Sir Patricks solo now.

“I am not the first one, it once happened with Lucius Banda when he moved out of Alleluya Band, Mlaka Maliro, Dan Lu [left Zembani Banda] and the Wailing Brothers parted ways with  the Black Missionaries just to mention a few,” he said.

He added that he moved out of Trap Squad because he was not benefiting from the group since all his colleagues are working and some of them are graduates while he depends on music for a living.

“To say the fact I was not benefiting from the squad, my friends in the group have something they depend on for a living while I depend on music and not only that, our manager seemed to have lost his attention on us but the new artists whom I cannot mention them for privacy,” he said.

Commenting on the speculations that he and his friend Stitch Fray were convinced by Dan Lu to move out of the squad, the M’mene Ndimanvera hit maker said Dan Lu is just a friend who always help them on issues concerning music.

He said: “It’s true that Dan Lu is planning to launch his record label but I have never sat down with him talking about me and Stitch, but I must admit that there is a shadow manager who I am working with.”

The new song has been produced by the Chirimba based produced Obedience Louis of OK Records in Blantyre and it will be released  this Thursday.



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