20 September 2016 Last updated at: 1:42 PM

‘MCP should forget winning 2019 elections’

Lazarous Chakwera

Lazarous Chakwera (C) is being asked to clean the mess in the party.

One of the country’s political commentators Professor Mustafa Hussein has advised Malawi Congress Party (MCP) to solve the ongoing wrangle in the party or they should forget about winning the 2019 presidential elections.

Speaking to the local media, the Chancellor College lecturer said the exchanging of words between the party’s president Dr Lazarus Chakwera and other party members may make people lose trust in the party.

“I believe that each and every party has got a constitution so the only solution to solve this ongoing wrangle is for both sides to come together, sit down, discuss and find a better solution instead of going to the public and speaking evil about each other,” Hussein said.

Mustafa Hussein

Hussein has made the observation..

He added that if the wrangles continue some people may leave the party and other parties may have an advantage over the MCP during the 2019 polls.

“This may weaken the party and other parties may use what is happening in the party to defeat them come 2019 election and this may give doubt to the people if the party can be trusted to rule the country,” Hussein said.

Chakwera has recently been at loggerheads with the party’s general secretary Gustav Kaliwo who accused the MCP leader of failing to resolve the squabbles that are in the party.

A few weeks ago, the MCP fired Salima legislator Felix Jumbe from the party and suspended Chatinkha Nkhoma and party spokesperson Jessie Kabwira for bringing confusions in the party.

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