Farmers told to plant hybrid seeds


Farmers in the country have been urged to grow hybrid seeds as a way of alleviating challenges that are caused by climate change.

This was said by Field Technician of Farmers Organisation Limited Daniel Ng’oma during an agriculture trade fair that was held in Nkhotakota district.

Ng’oma said farmers must be aware of how they can alleviate the challenges that come in due to climate change because if farmers can’t do that then farming will be meaningless.

“Apart from cropping hybrid seeds that mature early farmers must also practice agroforestry that involves growing crops together with trees that fix nitrogen in the soil such as Nsangu for them to realise bumper yields at the end of growing season,” Ng’oma said.

One of the display tables at the event.

The agriculture expert also tipped farmers to adopt irrigation farming that can allow them to grow crops more than once per annum.

The trade fair was organized to strengthen relationships between farmers and agro-based industries, to let farmers know where they can sell their products at reasonable prices, and to share challenges that players in the agriculture sector face.

The fair was made possible with support from One Village One Product (OVOP), NBS Bank, NASFAM and Concern Universal among others under the theme ‘Stimulating prosperity and growth in agriculture and food production through value additional market linkages and environmental management.’

This was the first agriculture trade fair in Nkhotakota district and it involved agro-based industries and farmers that are under Salima Agriculture Development Division (ADD).

Among other companies that were part of the agriculture trade fair are Peacock Seeds, Farmers Organisation Limited, and Total Land Care.



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