Zomba deputy mayor pledges to erect street lights


Deputy Mayor for Zomba city Davie Maunde has promised residents that the district’s council will put up street lights in the city.

Maunde made the pledge on Thursday following complaints from the city’s   residents.

street-lights projects on the cards. (Google image)

The Deputy Mayor assured the residents that the Zomba City Council is doing all it can to make sure that there are street lights on the city’s roads.

“I am aware of this issue, in fact the consideration is there to bring back all the lights,” Maunde said.

The Deputy Mayor however said that the council is just waiting for government funding. According to him, government has set aside K1.5 billon for maintenance of roads and street lights in the city.

Areas in the city where the street lights will be erected include Chinamwali, Mataware, and Mpunga. The residents hope the street lights will help reduce accidents and improve security in their areas.



    1. Mkulu ukuopa kwanu kuno mavuto alilimu ndi kwathu nde sibolanso kwathu ,kkkkkkk super sun 12.5 ali pa bwanji?nanga kwathu ndi bwanji ku malawi its very cheap papa! Dnt fear

  1. Kkkkkkk MR MAYOR, ze point is gd bt without supportive material its called NONSENSE. I believe zikanakhala bwino mutaika ma candle coz simukanati muzivutika kuyasa. ESCOM, ur making things to be worse in zs country.

  2. Kkkkkkkkkk i dnt think this song of blackout will end Malawi,but we have our neibour Mozambique & Mr president knows very well that they can help us.but he is quiet.

  3. Pledge for a 3 megawatts generator then you shall be remembered, street lights will just be as good as Blantyre round abouts.

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