TNM, Airtel ripping from Malawians


Malawi’s two giant mobile companies Telekom Networks Malawi and Airtel Malawi are ripping from poor Malawians, it has been claimed.

According to a post made by renowned Lawyer Wapona Kita on Tuesday, the two mobile companies are contributing to poverty in the country through their expensive internet bundles.

Kita claimed that the companies are making as much as 400 percent profit on some data bundles.

Mobile-Phone“Airtel and Tnm buy internet bundles at K100. And they sell them to us the consumers at K500. And we wonder why we are still poor,” Wapona Kita wrote on Facebook.

Some people who commented on the post claimed that they have just realised now that the two networks are ‘stealing’ from Malawians in broad daylight

“Counsel can you do something I smell cashgate here..,. Day light robbery,” said one commenter.

Last year, the international media reported that Malawi is one of the most expensive countries to use mobile phones since average Malawians use more than half of their earnings on phones.



  1. As for internet I do agree,these mobile networks they are not doing good at all, but in terms of phone call at list the cost are reasonable compare with other countries like RS
    A,ZIM.To make
    an international call outside these countries its so expensive than Malawi,So we have to look booth sides

  2. Regulatory body barkless, Malawi government inconsiderate to poor Malawians airtel and tnm lacks corporate governance only looting from already poor people.

    1. Yea!the parkstanian people they call to there country for only r 1 per minut cell c network while malawian pplz it cost r 5 ,so the question is parkistan and malawi which country is so far?? Eish my country malawi!

  3. They’ve cornered us at a do-or-die disadvantage here. The other day TNM got all elaborate and made me think I was making a call at 95% discount. In three minutes I got robbed of two hundred and fifty something kwacha worth of airtime. But how can I sue them, though?

  4. price we pay for being Malawians. I only accept tht I am a Malawian, but to say I am proud being a Malawian then it will be a lie a the century

  5. Its is a well known fact but our problem is we are too sleeply/queit that we can’t move both govt and these companies to change the way they conduct their business.

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  7. The goverment has influence on this as they benefit huge tax in return. No wonder consumers rights are trampled by greedy politicians who takes bribes from airtel and tnm. Never even at once think politicians are there to serve but to control nation’s policies towards their goals.

  8. m’malo mothandiza akumatikawa poyelayela coz most of their services are too expensive nowadays for someone poorer to access bt something has to be done paja chetechete sautsa nyama!!!!!!

  9. So what should we do? I suggest for one month effective 1st October 2016, no one should buy any of their products, from Nsanje to Chitipa. Koma zingatheke pa Malawi pano? Uwona wina akugula airtime ya K50,000.00.

  10. Mmapirikaniro mwa anthu munazolowera kunva zonyansa.Ndizomwe amakondwera nazo.Akanva zakumwamba amangoona ngati nthano ya kalulu ndi fisi.

  11. For sure i notice this kak longtime ago. Its time they give back to the community. They must do something or they must quit because its ilegal to charge over than agreement.

  12. Malawi24 is also doing the same, why they add on unwanted pictures on their news?

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