Govt shocked over teachers’ sit-in


Government has expressed shock over the sit-in teachers are staging in some schools, saying the Ministry of Education already sent Teachers Union of Malawi (TUM) a commitment letter on issues the teachers raised.

Ministry of Education spokesperson Manfred Ndovi said the strike means that TUM has not communicated to the teachers on the letter of commitment the ministry sent on 12 September.

“It is very disappointing that some teachers are on strike whilst we have sent to TUM a letter of commitment which means TUM has not communicated to the teachers on the letter,” said Ndovi.

However, TUM’s National coordinator Charles Kumchenga said the sit-in is still continuing since the teachers have a right to take industrial action. 

“Teachers are still on strike and we know that other teachers are not doing the strike, it is their right not to participate in the strike,” said Kumchenga.

He admitted that the ministry sent them a commitment letter which shows that government has looked into the two remaining issues the union requested but he said as a union they are scrutinising it and will issue a statement later.


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  1. It’ s a pity that some trs have been teaching despite TUM communicated a nationwide strike ; what u’ve to know z that being coward would pave way 4 more oppressions in the already oppressed teaching service ; recall that united we stand divided we fall.

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