Nkhotakota-Dwangwa road ‘a threat to lives’

Nkhotakota-Dwangwa road

Users of the Nkhotakota-Dwangwa road in the central region have expressed concern over the current condition of the road, describing it as a threat to lives.

People who use the road says the M5 road is in a bad state, a situation which is leading to a lot of accidents.

In an interview, Morris Matabwa, a truck drivers who often use the road when going to Dwangwa to take sugar, said that the condition of the M5 road is currently bad.

“I use this road monthly, it is a busy road. With the opening of another sugar manufacturing company in Salima I am afraid the accidents may increase since most of the vehicles using this road are heavy goods cars carrying sugarcane and sugar from Nkhotakota, Dwanga and Salima, said Matabwa.

Nkhotakota-Dwangwa road
Nkhotakota-Dwangwa road becomin a threat. (IMAGE CREDIT: Love Malawi)

The road was macadamised in the 1980s but the number of its users have tremendously grown since then.

A report from the Nkhotakota police station has indicated that 38 accidents have happened on the road from January to August this year.

In his words, Nkhotakota police spokesperson William Kaponda told the media that it is true that a lot of accidents happen on this road but he described this year’s rate as low compared to that of last year in the same period.

Kaponda: “It is true that this year the Nkhotakota-Dwangwa road has registered 38 road accidents but we can say the rate has decreased because same period last year the road registered over 40 accidents.”



  1. It is very dangerous especially the pedestrian
    Government must come up with a solution urgently

  2. The road you have shown is between Dwangwa and Nkhatabay.You could have shown us from Dwangwa going backwards to KK where the road is indeed a death trap to all and yet governments have been taking more money from I’m logo in terms of tax revenues

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