Thyolo Pupils shot in the arm


In a move to ease challenges that pupils face in rural areas, Children’s Hope Foundation has donated shoes and textbooks to learners at Nachipere Full Primary School in Thyolo district.

The donation comes at a time when reports of poverty have reached alarming proportions in Malawi leading to shortage of basic school needs to most pupils in rural areas of the country.

Speaking during the donation ceremony, director of Children’s hope Foundation Jew Chapamba said his organisation reaches to children in rural areas in giving shoes, textbooks and other basic needs to needy pupils.

“As a young person whom God blessed with a talent of being a musician, I use the same talent to help others through my music, so whenever I have performed like a musician I do keep the little I get and buy something for pupils in primary schools.

Nachipere Primary school pupils can afford a smile.

“Actually it is my dream to see many children having shoes to put on because these pupils walk for a long distance due to lack of enough schools in rural areas unlike in town and this has a negative impact on them, they can get some disease during rainy season for stepping on dirty water barefooted and that takes away my happiness,” said Chapamba.

He further pleaded with well-wishers to help him in accomplishing his dreams of supporting children in schools by supporting his initiative.

Deputy Head teacher for the school, Fred Hutton Masingalo, applauded the gesture saying it will motivate the learners to be attending classes.

“They come from different homes and once they are here they do admire one other and if they don’t see an opportunity from parents of having a shoe they prefer doing some wage labour so that they can have a shoe while others are learning,” said Masingalo.

He also disclosed some challenges that Nachipere face saying the school serves a big community hence a need of adding school blocks.

“If you can move around you can see that a number of blocks that we have cannot be compared to number of pupils we have here, and this affects us a lot. It is my plea to authorities to consider us with more school blocks,” He added.
Over 400 learners benefited from Children’s Hope Foundation donation under Tiaveke Nsapato initiative at the school in Thyolo.