Miracle Chinga promises grand Esther album launch


Miracle Chinga, daughter to the late queen of Malawi gospel Grace Chinga, has promised a splendid countrywide album launch in a bid to keep alive her mother’s legacy.

The 17 year-old will kick off the mega launch for her late mother’s album called Esther on 11th September at Comesa Hall in Blantyre. Then the party will be taken to Sheaffer ICA Marque in Lilongwe on 18th September before Mzuzu Hotel’s Boma Park accommodates the final round on 25th September.

Speaking to the media yesterday, the successor promised the very best during the series beginning with Comesa Hall this coming Sunday. She said she will make people feel like her mother was still alive with her energetic performance.

Miracle Chinga and her brother Steve want to continue with their late mother’s legacy.

Miracle added that she is not under any intensity of pressure considering that her mother was an icon in local gospel which makes people expect a lot from her during the launch. She claimed that she considers herself equal to the task.

Grace Chinga left two unfinished projects which her daughter is only finishing before embarking on her own projects. The Esther album was produced by the veteran producer cum musician Joseph Tembo and Steve Spesho who is the son to the late Grace Chinga.

In previous media interviews, Spesho was quoted as saying that the launch would have happened earlier after his mother died but Miracle was tied up as she was sitting for Malawi School Certificate of Education (MSCE) exams.

Esther is among the much awaited albums in gospel circles with the hype beyond any measure. Having had a taste of just a few songs from the collection, gospel loving Malawians are speaking highly of the album. However others went ahead of the Chinga family to make fake copies of the project and put it on the market soon after Grace Chinga died.

Miracle worked with her brother, Steve, in a song entitled Chikondi as a featured artist together with Peter Banda. The song went all the way to top urban charts with its visuals currently ruling charts on local televisions.

The young female singer is said to have taken after her mother, a factor that will make her easily fill the gap Grace left. Having inherited her mom’s style in terms of dressing and haircut, the launch will provide people with another point of judgment as to whether she has also inherited the skill.



  1. Gospel songs feed the soul.Even if she doesnt perfectly match her late mother’s skills,we will be satisfied with the message in the songs

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