Malawi Govt urged to invest more in education


An education expert has called on government to invest more in education in the country so that more people can be able to read and write.

This comes as the country joined the world in commemorating World Literacy Day on September 8. According to United Nations the current literacy rate in the country is at 63.7%.

But the education expert Bob Chulu claimed that literacy levels are not improving because government has paid little attention to improve the lives of teachers in the country.

The expert said increasing teachers’ salaries could go a long way to improving the literacy levels.

Bob Chulu

Chulu: Has made the call.

Chulu also claimed that there is little investment in the country’s education sector.

“The problems that are contributing to low literacy levels one of them is because there is little investment in education,” said Chulu.

He further said that the country is using some approaches which cannot help improve education in the country and he urged authorities to try other approaches.

Meanwhile, Chulu has warned that Malawi is at risk of not achieving global Sustainable Development Goals if it does allocate more resources to the education sector.