Nomads fined again by FAM


The Football Association of Malawi (FAM) has, for the second time within two weeks, fined Be Forward Wanderers F.C for unsporting behavior.

This follows an incident that occurred on 27th August during a Carlsberg Cup semi-final game between Wanderers and Mangochi Police FC at Kamuzu Stadium when two unidentified supporters stormed the dressing room tunnel at half time before pouring pork soup on Mangochi police shot-stopper.

This incident forced the FA’s Competitions Organizing Committee to assemble to review and possibly come out with a decision concerning the matter.

According to the statement released by the FA on Tuesday afternoon, the Committee considered a response to the charges from Wanderers FC as well as reports submitted by the Match Coordinator, the Police, Stewards, the referee, the Match Commissioner, Mangochi Police and Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital before coming up with a decision.


Nomads: Fined again.

The Committee also observed that Mangochi Police goalkeeper George Chauya was not physically assaulted as alleged by his club saying the shot-stopper got injured in the field of play when he collided with a Wanderers player towards the end of the first half.

After going through the reports, the Committee concluded that the actions by Mighty Wanderers supporters were barbaric and unwarranted and had brought the game of football into disrepute following the bad publicity that followed as a result of what happened on that day.


1. Mighty Wanderers FC werre found guilty of bullying a Mangochi Police FC player by pouring him pork soup. As per article 24.12 of the Carlsberg Cup Rules and Regulations, Wanderers are fined K500 000.

2. Mighty Wanderers FC were found guilty of bringing the game of football into disrepute following the negative publicity of the above stated match as a result of the actions of its supporters. As per article 24.21, as read with article 24.1, of the Carlsberg Cup Rules and Regulations, Wanderers are fined K150 000,” reads the statement.

According to the FA, the fines are to be paid before Wanderers FC’ next fixture but if they fill aggrieved with the punishment, they are free to appeal within 48 hours accompanied by an appeal fee of K450 000.

The statement was signed by FA General Secretary Suzgo Nyirenda. Commenting on the issue, Nomads General Secretary Mike Butao said: “Its sad and if we are indeed guilty, then we deserve it. We need to find a way of transferring this cost to the supporters,” he explained.

On charges, the soft spoken General Secretary said: “We asked for a hearing but we never got the chance, where is the justice? How can the organizing committee be determining cases and handing out punishments? What if they are the ones in the wrong? Can they condemn themselves?” wondered Butao.



  1. Zikhulupiliro zakale manoma pangani za mpila osati juju, zikakuvutani osamapanga choncho pangani za mpila osati mpaka kuyenda ndi ndi mafuta ankhumba zachikale izo shem neighbour.

  2. No one can’t run away from the fact that goal stopper for mangochi police got poured pork oil
    Mr choice learn to accept when things are wrong without taking sides

  3. Fam ilibe ndalama pano lasanduka mbungwe lotolera ndalama ndye ikufunafuna njira zopezera ndalama choncho mpira sungayende bwino ku malawi, pali nkhani ya fine apa?

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