Maneb yet to pay invigilators

Malawi exams

The Malawi National Examination Board (Maneb) says it is not aware when it will pay teachers who invigilated during this year’s examinations.

According to Maneb’s public relations officer Simeon Maganga, currently the board has not yet sourced money to pay teachers who invigilated the Primary School Leaving Certificate of Education (PSLCE), Junior Certificate of Education (JCE), and Malawi School Certificate of Education (MSCE) exams.

Maganga however assured all the teachers that as soon as Maneb receives the money from government through the ministry of education science and technology, they will as well get their money.

Simeon Maganga
Simeon Maganga says MANEB is waiting for the funds.

“It is true that we have not yet paid them their money because we have not been given that money but am assuring them that when we will be given the money, they will be given too,” said Maganga.

The publicist added that it will be wrong to mention the exact date when they will pay them considering that it’s not Maneb who are to pay the teachers but government.

The development comes at a time when the results of this year’s PSLCE, JCE are yet to be released.

Some of the invigilators have been threatening to hold demonstrations to force government to give them their money.


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  1. But surely one day, something big will happen if these malpractices keep on happening becoz even a beggar has his right. Why in the first place didnt they say that money will be paid when govt gives MANEB funds? Why let them work and wait hopelessly for their hard earned cash?? Mind you, ena anachita kutenga katapila kumayendera ku invigilation… Someday, mudzaona ngati aphunzitsi samakonda ntchito yao ndithu. Am not one of them but it pains me to think that people are taken for granted with even their own money, worked and toiled for. BE WARNED MANEB!! YOU ARE PLAYING WITH THE WRONG PEOPLE.

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