Malawi Police angers Busy Signal show organizers

Busy Signal show

Despite their malpractice being unveiled on international reports, Malawi Police officers are yet to change as organizers of pre-sand festival have expressed dismay over the law enforcers who were collecting money from some fans who were jumping the fence for them to enjoy the performance of Jamaican musician Busy Signal in Lilongwe.

The organisers, Impact Events, have expressed worry over the conduct of the law enforcers who were assigned to ensure security during the show but later took an opportunity to pump their pockets with money from fans seen jumping over the fence at Civo stadium over the weekend.

Busy Signal show
Malawi Police officers were asking money from fans to jump the fence into the stadium.

Director of Impact Events Lucius Banda said the trend is worrisome arguing that it is costly to organize a show that brings international artists in the country.

“What we saw was police officers sitting down, drinking beer, just watching the show and same policemen were letting people jump over the fence and getting K2000, our security personnel were busy chasing the police seen in such acts and am really worried,” said Banda.

He further called on the malpractice to be eradicated among the country’s law enforcers arguing that it is tarnishing the image of Malawi Police.

Banda however commended the electronic payment method used for the show saying they avoided incurring losses from ticket forging.

For the show, Malawians had to pay K10,000 using electronic method Mo626 under National Bank and Airtel Money under mobile operator Airtel while at the gates people were paying K12,000.

Several international reports have disclosed that Malawi has corrupt law enforcers on reasons of poor working conditions and little money that they receive as a monthly salary.



  1. Look how the road to hell is when it mean attracting patrons. Just few days ago an international Gospel Singer was in the country for free but how many people went there. This road to hell singer was not even free but paying for it but look how many patrons were there thousands. Indeed the road to hell is wide and attractive than the road to paradise

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