Chief goes on rampage: sets ablaze initiation camps for Malawian children


A traditional leader in Machinga district went wild and set alight Jando initiation camps in the district in order to allow children to go to school.

Initiation camp torched. (Library)

Initiation camp torched. (Library)

The chief, Group Village Headman Nkula, was incensed after villagers failed to abide by his order to close the initiation camps by September 3 in order to allow children to go to school.

The new school calendar began on Monday September 5. Nkula said the villagers prioritise initiation camps over formal education and that is why the district has many uneducated young people.

“We have many uneducated young men and women because some people think initiation camps are more important than formal education,” chief Nkula said.

Meanwhile, no one suffered injuries during the operation. Jando is mainly practised by the Yaos, a tribe which dominates in Machinga. During the initiation camps which are held between July and August every year, young boys are also circumcised.



  1. One of a few reasoning get chiefs. This is what makes children from these areas to keep performing badly in classes. Should we then victimise others with quota system yet we do it deliberately. After all the trainers there are as uneducated as the would like these students to be

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