Retraction of the PSCLE, JCE results story

Malawi exams

On Saturday we incorrectly reported that the Malawi National Examinations had released the Primary School Leaving Certificate of Education (PSLCE) and Junior Certificate of Education (JCE) results.

The truth however is that the examinations body is yet to release the results. Malawi24 would like to apologise for publishing the incorrect story.

At the moment, the examination board has indicated through its Facebook page that it is still working on the results.

Malawi24 will keep you posted on when the results are out and made available.




  1. Ndiye anthu akamanena kuti mumalemba zabodza samakunamizirani eti? Ndiye mumapindula chiyani mukalemba zabodza?Kulemba zabodzako kumakhala kuti mwasowa nkhani zokuti mulembe?

  2. Inu mumazitenga kuti zimenezo? Ndekuti ndizoona kuti mumalemba nkhani zabodza kapena kuonjezera nkhani zikachitika………

  3. You guys don’t even try to fool us around that’s unprofessional

  4. Try to findout and confirm first before you publish anything guys, because this is unprofesional.

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  6. eeeeee!! guyz mayeso akuchedwa sxool sikubeba.So osamatinamiza kuti mayeso aturuka.

  7. So how are we going to believe that that will be credible? Are you waiting for other papers to drop? Can’t you consult direct one official then publicise?

  8. Thats not good, how can you say something that you dont know we not going to trust you guys

  9. Inu Malawi 24 ndinu makape munazitenga kuti zoti mayeso atuluka

  10. Be serious please . What type of Journalism are you practising. You lack credibility.

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