Terrible! Malawian boy killed in house fire

Fire Malawi

A house fire has claimed the life of a two year-old boy in Kasungu district, Malawi24 can report.

The toddler identified as Thokozani Chirwa was sleeping inside the house when it caught fire on Thursday afternoon.

Fire Malawi
Fire has claimed a life (Library image)

According to deputy public relations Officer Harry Namwaza, the child’s mother lit fire in the house and put a pot of water on it.

Then she left while the child was playing outside the house.

“Mother of the child who is not of sound mind left the deceased playing outside the mud thatched house alone and went to attend other business,” he said.

Later the kid stopped playing and went inside the house where he fell asleep. Due to strong winds the fire spread in the house, burning down the house and killing the boy.

A post-mortem showed that death was due to suffocation and severe burns. Thokozani Chirwa was from Khalapadzuwa village Traditional Authority Chilowamatambe in Kasungu district.

Meanwhile police have strongly advised parents with small kids not to leave them without someone looking after them.



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