NRB happy with national ID registration progress

Malawi National IDs

The National Registration Bureau (NRB) has expressed satisfaction with the way it has carried out the first phase of registration for national identity cards.

According to the bureau’s spokesperson Norman Fulatila, the first phase which ended on 24 August has gone well as all targeted people have been registered.

“The first phase has gone well as we have registered over 5000 people,” said Fulatila.

He added that they are now in the process of analysing what they did well and where they have failed.

According to Fulatira, after reviewing the first stage they will start the second phase in which they will register the majority of civil servants and Malawians involved in social transfer programmes.

Malawi National IDs
Malawi National IDs progress looks promising.

In the first phase, the bureau was registering Members of Parliament, cabinet ministers, Judges and other high ranking public officers.

However, those who were registered did not instantly get their national IDs but Fulatira said the bureau will start printing the IDs soon.

The second phase of the registration is expected to register 90,000 people while the third phase is targeting 9 million Malawians aged between 16 and above.

Important details featuring on the sample of a national identity card include name, date of birth of the holder and the expiry date of the ID.



  1. Yah the national I’d must expire only on under 15 years but not over 15 years government must assit us.. But its a good. I dea

  2. When I will get my ID. Bcoz writte now am not there in my lovely country. And what is de different btw Passport, You mean zat we can’t use as ID???

  3. This is a good programme,but as National ID’s is not suppose to be expired.The good example is Zimbabwe,Botswana.And why Malawi is doing this every Identification found expired why?.

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