Malawi to view solar eclipse today

Solar eclipse

Malawians will in the afternoon of today experience something new as they will view a partial solar eclipse in the skies.

The annular solar eclipse happens when the moon covers the centre of the sun, leaving the sun’s visible outer edges to form a ring of fire in the sky or annulus around the moon.

Solar eclipseToday the eclipse will be observed in Malawi starting at about 9am, and will peak at 11am before ending at around 1pm.

For many countries in Africa the solar eclipse will be partial but in other parts like Madagascar as well as in Mozambique and Tanzania people will view an annular eclipse in which 90 percent of the sun will be covered by the moon – hence producing the ring of fire.

However, the partial eclipse which Malawians will be able to watch will still be a spectacular sight.

Meanwhile experts have warned people against watching the eclipse using the naked eye or sunglasses in order to avoid damaging their eyes.



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  2. in dar es salaam around 70% of sun was blocked by moon but in njombe,mbeya and iringa they witnessed annular eclipse more than 95%

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  4. Last Saturday around 15hrs I managed to see Jupiter ?”kissing” Venus. Two stars sort of merging one more brighter than the other. How many were lucky to view that rare scenery? I think not many, it wasn’t nicely publicized.

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    1. it’s subjective! that’s all I can say. Like I have experienced this solar thing almost three times in my life. twice in primary school and once in sec school. that z why the writer explicitly said “to some this is totally new especially those born in late 90’s and in 21st Century”

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