Two arrested over medical drugs


Police in Mangochi district are keeping in custody two men for being found in possession of medical drugs without licence in the district.

Mangochi Police Deputy Public Relations Officer Amina Tepani Daudi has identified the two as Atikeni Atwabi, 52, and Levison Maende, 65.

According to Daudi, Police during the night of 29th August conducted a sweeping exercise in the area and in the process they found the suspects with the drugs.

Tablets of Chloramphenicol also found in possession. (Google image)

The first suspect was found with several drugs including 26 packets LA, 500 tablets of lndocid, 500 tablets of Aspirin, 1060 tablets of Doxycline, 600 tablets of Praziquantel, 1000 tablets Amoxycline, 1000 tablets Fragile, 1000 tablets of Chloramphenicol and 300 tablets Penicillin.

The second suspect was found with 2 bottles of lron tablets, 500 tablets Doxycline, 1 of bottle Aspirin, 500 of tablets Magnesium, 500 tablets of BP, 500 tablets Abendazole, 250 tablets Quinine, 250 Attuma drug, 350 tablets Panado, 300 tablets Amoxycline, 300 tablets lndocid, 300 tablets Decophenac, 150 tablets Multi vitamin and 250 tablets Piliton.

Meanwhile, Police have siezed the drugs and the suspects will appear in court soon to answer the charge of being found in possession of medical drugs without licence which is contrary to Section 45 as read with section 65 of Pharmacy Medicines and Poisons Board Act.

Atwabi hails from Kambilire village while Maende comes from Mtanga village both from Traditional Authority Chimwala in Mangochi district.



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  3. Their sentence must be drug overdose, give them their confiscated drugs so that they consume them until they’re overdosed to death. This is absurd.

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