31 August 2016 Last updated at: 9:48 AM

Dowa man commits suicide for ex wife

Marriages come crashing and when they do people are expected to pick themselves up and hope for brighter days. This was not the case for a 23 year old man based in Dowa district.


True love?

Information that Malawi24 has indicates that the man, Lingson Kalero, took poison over a break-up he had with his ex-wife.

Police said that the deceased went missing on Thursday. His relatives went looking for him and on Friday he was found dead in a bush where he used to be making charcoal from.

“The deceased left a suicide note and information gathered revealed that the deceased had problems with his ex-wife claiming that she was a prostitute and although their marriage ended but he was in great feeling pain brought by her memories,” Police said.

Postmortem that was conducted at the hospital revealed that the death was due to poisoning.


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