PP tells APM to send cashgate ministers on leave

Ken Msonda

Opposition People’s Party (PP) has urged President Peter Mutharika to send on forced leave seven cashgate cabinet ministers just as Malawi Electoral Commission has done with its top bosses.

Speaking to the local media, PP’s spokesperson Ken Msonda said the president need to do as per done by the Malawi Electoral Comission (Mec).

Last week, Mec sent on forced leave seven of its top officials saying the suspension is to give room for further investigations on the audit carried out by the Central Internal Audit Unit of the Ministry of Finance.

The audit report shows that between 27th April and 15th May, 2015 there were malpractices at the Commission.

Ken Msonda People's Party Joyce Banda
Msonda: Says APM should ‘act’.

Msonda welcomed the decision to suspend Mec bosses but asked the president to borrow a leaf from the commission and suspend his ministers.

“Mec has done set an example by sending some officials on a forced leave and here we are not saying those that have been sent are guilty, no it is the court only that proves one guilty or innocent. But we are saying why can’t the government take that route by sending the cashgate ministers on leave?” questioned Msonda.

The publicist added that giving the ministers a forced leave could as well pave way for investigations into the theft of government money.

He then accused the government led by Mutharika of lying that it does not have names of the implicated ministers.

He also called on all responsible government departments to as well release the names of the ministers implicated.

The development comes days after Mutharika was involved in a verbal with PP legislator Kamlepo Kalua over the former’s reluctance to deal with ministers involved in the cashgate scandal.



  1. Not leave he must fire them ,this is nonsense they are guilty and u r leaving them free ,then y keeping lutepo in jail?

  2. A malawi, nothing can happen and change,what we are doing is like chasing a group of lions,which is led by a big elephant with sticks and u are having hop of killing them.the Msondaz were there in the govnmnt,what did they done.we hav been holding dems of no use just a worst of time, nothing changed.so we’re to be rulling for ever just join us ur too week to deft us.

  3. M’dima ndi kuwunika never kuti zizakhale pamodzi,and mbalame zomwere chigoba chimodzi zimaziwana zochitika tiyeni tiwasiyire nkhani eni ake a ndale athana nayo, Amalawi azanga akulimbanawo ndi anthu a ndalama enafe tisowapo chabe apa.

  4. kodi cimene akuopela kucita publicise report ya 577 kuti tiione tokha ndi cani. maphokoso osewa akanathela pompo.

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  6. Palibe chanzeru chimene mukulimbikira inu a PP, mwangokhala ndi ndevu za ufa kuchibwano kwanuko koma simukuthandizana ai. M’bale wako Kamlepo yemwe anaiyamba nkhaniyi anaudzidwa kuti, atchule maina anduna zimene akuziziwadzo koma analephera. Ndiye iwenso ukubwera ndinyimbo imodzi yokha-yokhayo, ife tichedzere kumvera zopusa zanuzo? Mukulephera kuchita chitukuko kumadera kwanuko, mukuganiza kuti mukatero anthu anena kuti mwachita chitukuko kudera lakwanulo?

  7. He cant do that bcoz he dont know which ministers are involved in cashgate scandal. So plz if know names of his ministers who tookpart in cashgate scandal, tell him then he can chase them in his cabinet.

  8. PP you being the official opposition party you are supposed name and shame them. Remember this saga also tainted your leader JB. So i suggest you come clean and name the culprits.

    1. JB is studying with the help of Obamas trust fund for Africans Women in progress she is coming soon. There are many women across Africa who are also studying the only difference is that JB chose to reside there

    2. Ok. Good to know….
      Don’t they have holidays? Are they not allowed to go home even during holidays?

      Wishing her success in whatever she’s studying.


  10. Which Peter? Mgangira? Not APM. He has no idea how to use his powers. His decisions are not his. Dont 4get that he is mtshona so he is just blindfolded wth the same cashgate ministers. He doesnt know where to start. If they were Anivas, they could be in prison long ago

  11. This is stupid politics, mention de names b4 u talk. If any1 just wake up start talking about dis issue without mentioning de 7 cabinet ministers he or she is very stupid. We r tired.

  12. Ngati muli ndi umboni popeza ndinu mzika zaMalawi komanso mukuwaziwa atengereni kukhoti anthuwo chifukwa zomwe zinabedwazo ndi misonkho yathu ndiye pitani kukhothi abale olo kubungwe laziphuphu akuthandizani apo biii lekani kusokosa

    1. PP, umboni alibe. Lero mukulimbikila za seven ministers akayamba kumanga anthu ndinu nomwenso mudzayambe kunena kuti boma likungomanga anthu.

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