Nepman speaks on love for SA


Malawi’s chorus wizard Nepman has spoken on his never ending South African trips for music performances amidst rumours of his possible migration to that nation.

The singer who is enjoying heydays of his music career having bounced back in 2014 with Nalero, is undoubtedly Malawi’s man of the moment.

Nepman justifies his recent trips to RSA.

He often travels to the rainbow nation for concerts making his fans speculate that he is trying to earn South African citizenship.

In an exclusive interview with Malawi24, Nepman admitted having massive backing in South Africa. However he rubbished claims of moving to South Africa saying he only makes the trips on business grounds, to perform whenever people need him.

“People are impressed with my work and that is why South Africa has become some sort of a next door neighbour. When am there I mostly entertain Malawians who happen to come with their friends who are natives,” said Nepman

Born Nepman Longwe, the Ndirande resident has performed at Amadoda in South Africa on many occasions. He once travelled with Malawi’s afro pop star, Piksy, early this year and their show was another memorable experience as the hall was robbed of all its spaces having been overfilled.

Nepman is Malawi’s most featured artist who has worked with local music giants on uncountable projects. He has also collaborated with many up and coming artists, a development that largely makes him subject to negative criticism as people believe the artist needs to have a choice on who to feature.

He has recently worked with a youngsters group, W Twice, on a song entitled Wadusa Pompa. The chorus injected by Nepman himself is a killer punch that has made the art work a trending hit.



  1. Nep man. uchilawe changachi ndati chikondi chakumagochi. I like that kut ukubwela kuno ulibo takulandla yose bho!!. kumasowa time ina ndbho. ukuyenela kusowa basi wazzwa!! ..sure……

  2. Iwe ulikuti? Asiyeni abwere adzatambe kachikena welcome ma homie Mr chilawe changachi…..popeza nazitele bwenzi zikomadi.

  3. MXxM pitani Man SA mudzikawakanawo church cha Shepard bushiri,….mukaziwonele noka ndikutengeka kwanuko..MLW otengeka iwe ,SA inatha kkkkkk

  4. Wise people run away home and get better place for him and her family nepman that are you waiting for bonya basi 50kwacha apeter kkkkkkk mukuchedwatu

  5. Wasowa pogwira ameneyo!!! nde mumuuzetu ku Jons kuno kachasu amamwa ku Soche uja kulibe azafa ndi ludzu kuno kuli mowa wodula

  6. Kkkkkkkkk koma anthu enawa number akupeleka umpasa Malawi24 akuti ya nip man kkkkkkkk mbuzi paziko pano zachuluka kobasi dzuka Malawi chonde

  7. whether u want or not ur malawians and u will never change to be south africans
    …osapota za ziiiii inu dziko lanu adzalitukule ndani ???

  8. whether u want or not ur malawians and u will never change to be south africans
    …osapota za ziiiii inu dziko lanu adzalitukule ndani ???

  9. S.A. is the best place in the whole african continent even people from overseas knows that….more especially in cape cairo number one.

  10. Nepman, everyone knows South Africa is better than Malawi. That’s why even the so called ‘prophets’ like Bushiri, Salanje pano uyu naye Mlaka Maliro, akhazikika ku Joni, because there’s too much money!

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